Jul 9, 2003
I was looking at the KX250F in the magazines and i noticed that they use what apears to be a push pull throttle. Many street bikes are like this I own some and IMO they are junk, if you bust one cable you are stuck especially when they are old (69 CB450, harly's, metric cruisers, ect...) I always wonder what engineers are thinking when they put things like that on bikes. Or am I missing the advantage of a push pull throttle a regular pull and spring return throttle seems the most economical and reliable (cable breaks...throttle closes...safer)

what are some of your guys opinions.


Moto Junkie
Apr 21, 2000
If I'm not mistaken, all of the MX four-strokes have the push/pull throttles (YZ250F, YZ450F, CRF450, etc) because of the carbs that are on the four-strokes.

Mr. Clean

Nov 8, 2001
Large four strokes have a lot of intake vacuum and it is safer to have the pull back cable in case the throttle sticks open. Some of my friends have removed the pull back cable to make the throttle easier.I just hope they keep the cable and the slide in good shape.

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