Jun 21, 2000
Hi everyone, today I’m asking a question on behalf of one of my good friend who is doing ice racing on KX500s. The question is : how would a hotter ignition improve the output of a already heavily modofied 01’ amd 02’ KX500. He has been the provincial champion in 99’ in the pro class and he is looking for all he can get in terms of power (already ported bored and stroked!!). Would a KX250 ignition be worth trying? He said a 00’KX125 ignition did marvels on his 01’KX250… but ran hotter!?! And would say a Vortex or ProCircus Ignition (for KX250) be made to fit and work well on the big 500. It’s quite impressing to watch these guys go over 100mph and lay the bike flat in the big ovals. But if you ever fall down, the skill saw blade looking tires/studs are someting you don’t want leaving prints under your Joe Rocket outfit!
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