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Jan 6, 2001
Thanks Dave!!!

I have been a frequent visitor to the Land forum for about a month and it's more fun than I thought. I have met a few other folks that I wouldn't have chatted with before and have fired off over 2 dozen email replys for the letters to keep the Black River Falls area open to bikes.

I'm hoping that we do some good and keep areas open.

I even changed my sig from the normal smart a** line to something more important. (not that being a smart a** isn't important to me anymore..:confused:


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Damn Yankees
Oct 13, 1999
CDave - You must've got that same e-mail I got!


Damn Yankees
Sep 14, 2000
One of the best methods to help fight land closures is to join a local club (or two) and get involved. Riding and racing every weekend is not the way to get involved in the sport. To keep these areas open to recreational and competitive trail riding ,trail maintenence and meeting with those who have the final say as to when and if we ride in anyone particular area.(D.E.M., D.E.P., B.L.M. When trails erode due to lack of maintence it doesn"t look good for us.

In my opinion you are not a true dirtbiker until you get invovled. You can't just take, you have to give back to our sport and do the work necessary to keep the trails open. Sometimes it means sucking up to State officials who don't have a clue or spending a weekend with a shovel and pick ax.

Sorry for rambling. I just have this thing with people who only want to ride and let everyone else do the work. Dan J.
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