Sep 22, 2000
To All Motorized Recreationists:

There is a great opportunity coming up specifically designed for Utah’s motorized recreation participants. It is the first time ever “Land Use Training Workshop.” Whether you are a snowmobiler, motorcyclist, ATVer or 4 X 4 enthusiast, you will want to attend this seminar!

I am sure you are very much aware of the persistent effort by various factions within our society that is dedicated to the elimination of motorized recreation on public lands. Such groups have a successful common tool and that is knowledge of and direct participation in the land use administration process. It takes years to understand how to effectively weave through the maze of regulation, politics and process that is used to manage our public lands.

I know you likely do not have “years” to invest in helping to voice constructive input on how our public lands are administered. However, it seems reasonable you could invest one day of your time that could allow you to make a difference in protecting your privilege to ride.

Please take the time to sign-up and attend the Utah Land Use Training Workshop. Only two opportunities will be offered, so select the date that is best for you. The program is being made possible by a grant from the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association (Arctic Cat, Polaris, Ski-Doo, Yamaha) and support from the Utah Snowmobile Association, Utah Shared Access Alliance and local clubs.

Thanks in advance for your help and participation,

Curt Kennedy, President Utah Snowmobile Association
Brian Hawthorne, Utah Shared Access Alliance.

Land Use Training Workshop Info:
THIS PROGRAM IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST FOR ANYONE WHO WANTS TO PRESERVE THE PRIVILEGE TO RECREATE ON PUBLIC LAND! The Utah Land Use Training Workshop is a specially developed seminar for the motorized recreationist. It will give you an understanding of the process that dictates what uses can take place on public lands and how you can make your opinion heard. It will cover Forest Plans, Travel Plans, permits, political involvement and relationship building. The information presented would normally take years to understand, but has now been condensed to a 1-day workshop. The key presenters are Tom Crimmins, retired from the Forest Service, and Sandra Mitchell, Land Use Director for the Idaho State Snowmobile Association. Specialized topics will include presenters from our local Forest Service. Refer to the attached agenda for details (Questions? Call Curt Kennedy at 801-582-3882 or Email

When Is It?
For your convenience, two dates at two different locations will be arranged. The first workshop will be on Saturday, August 18, 2001 in American Fork, Utah. The second will be held on Saturday, October 13, 2001, in Salt Lake City at a location to be announced later. The August 18th workshop will be at the American Fork Senior Citizens Center at 54 East Main in American Fork (Exit 281 to the east off of the I-15 Freeway).

This is the great part! The sponsors (Utah Snowmobile Association and USA-ALL) are only asking for a $10 donation to help offset costs of the program, which includes a lunch that will be provided. Advance registration is required by completing the bottom portion of this announcement (cut on line and mail).

Registration – (Check the box of your choice and complete the requested information)
q Please register me for the August 18th Land Use Workshop in American Fork, Utah. OR
q Please register me for the October 13th Workshop at a SLC location to be announced.
Name _____________________ Phone ______________ Email _____________________
Address _________________________________________________________________
I am enclosing $______ (payable to USA) as a contribution to help offset the Workshop costs.

Mail to: USA c/o Curt Kennedy,

Curtis C. Kennedy,
302 S. Maryfield Drive
Salt Lake City, Utah 84108
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