May 17, 2000
i continue to get semi severe leg cramps during a h.s. and enduros,,, i hyhdrate like crazy the week before, take vitamin e , potassium... all the things i know to do,,, they start in the calves and eventually work into my thighs and eventually my hands,,, i can fight it off and continue my ride but it sucks!!! it always seems to happen after about 90 min. into the event or sooner if its a slick course ( lots of leg plants!!)..... any help!!! i have to figure this out!! thanks cw


Dec 25, 1999

You need to do something to strengthen the muscles. Taking an aspirin or something to make you feel good won't do much. I do quite a bit of walking a day (not by choice) and I do a lot of heavy lifting and other stuff that works the legs. Sunday I rode for two hours straight on a single track trail. My legs didn't bother me at all and I stood up quite a bit. The only thing that bothered me was my arms from gripping the handlebars so tight.

I would recommend doing some squats or something to strengthen the legs. Running or bicycling would also help out. Maybe try some mountain biking. That is really a fun sport and allows you to see the trails you ride a motorcycle on while at the same time strengthens your legs. A cheap Huffy mt bike will last you a year and will only set you back $100. Consider it like an expense such as porting. You will notice a difference quickly.


May 24, 2000
There are 6 stretches I do everynite for my muscles. I havent pulled one since i started! one is to prop your foot on a 3 foot hight counter top or something, and try to kiss your knee, another is to put for example, your right foot behind you, and grab your ankle with your right hand, and pull back. another is just simply to touch your toes with your knees locked. In two short weeks, i could fully do each one, and put my palms flat on the floor. stretch very slowly, do not jerk, and be patient, your flexibility will grow. I love those three stretches the most! The other 3 are arm stretches, but that isnt your problem now. good luck!
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