May be moving to Orange. Need advice!


Oct 9, 2000
This year is the year for me to get a new bike. After thinking long and hard about the choices, I came down to Kawasaki again and KTM. Both with their individual virtues. I have no qualms about going to a Kawasaki again, but am seriously considering a nice 2001 KTM 125SX that I found.
The bike has the FMF AOF ignition, a FMF silencer, either MX-tech stock suspenders set up for me or if I am willing to pay a yet predetermined amount, works forks and shocks(ya!). The bike has a new crank and top end and includes many spare new parts. It has 30 hours on it and the person is willing to replace the plastics for me too. The price, 3900. The location (the bad part) Illinois. :(
Here are my questions
1)Is the price good?
2)Would anyone in this part of the country be willing to check it out for me?
3)How does it compare to a 99 KX125 in terms of handling, motor, etc. I ask this becasue I am very farmiliar with this specific model.
4)Is it really hard to get KTM parts in the US?
5)Will it work on a semi tight track?
6)How will the suspension be (a guess?)
7)Is it reliable?
8)How hard would the transition be from my bike to that?

Thanks to all those who answer or reply. I think the bike sounds great, but I am very scared that it will not turn out to be good or that I will not like it. I have read the mag reviews, but they rarely answer my questions or contradict themselves.
I would stay on my bike as I love it, but it is getting really ratty looking and needs suspension work big time to be on par with the new bikes.
Thanks again,

Wild Hare

Aug 9, 2001
Sounds good....but I'd be asking questions like:

Why does a bike with only 30 hours on it have a new crank?

The '01 was by all accounts a great 125, but I always shy from used 125's...


Oct 9, 2000
The crank was replaced becasue the airboot was not installed correctly and the motor sucked sand. I am sure the bike is in great condition as it was used by one of MX-tech's employees as a test bike for jers new WP valves. I am getting many pictures and if I really get very serious, I iwll have one of you illinois folk check it out for me.
Thanks and keep it coming!
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