Motocross Knee Braces - Cti2 ( Review ) Pt. 5

Dec 31, 1969

Innovation Sports, CTi2
The most prescribed custom brace in the world, C.Ti.2 is demanded by top athletes and respected by leading physicians. With a hand crafted custom fit, sleek carbon composite frame, a six-point support system for optimal tibial control, and anatomically correct Accutrac™ hinges, each C.Ti.2 brace is built to perform. And the most extensive custom paint program in the industry allows patients to express themselves with color and patterns that bring bracing to life. With a look created to insure compliance and technology designed for optimal performance, C.Ti.2 is truly one of a kind.

Price including patella cup:
$750 to $1,500 each

Initial Impressions:
  • Out of the box... WOW! very trick
  • 27 oz. on my scale and felt very rigid
  • Not easy to adjust extension stops.
  • VERY comfortable and slim, great fit
  • Fits well with boots!
  • Does not catch on pants liner
  • Very high quality... everywhere
  • The straps are plush, no pinching
  • Tote bag included
  • Knee sleeve to be worn under the brace is nice

Weight lifting and running: During leg workouts and running the CTi2 feels great, no migration down the leg. The Edge is slightly more comfortable but but the CTi2 feels more stable, over all the two braces are very similar. Smooth fluid motion in the hinges and the straps have never once pinched my leg. When you reach full extension the brace snaps abruptly and assures you that it will not go any further, very reassuring. As with the Edge the knee sleeve that is worn under the brace is very comfortable for the first hour or so after that it gets HOT. Even at rest the sleeve will cause your leg to become hot and sweaty. I have stopped using the sleeve all together. It is almost as comfortable without and MUCH cooler.


The brace fits well under normal riding gear (2000 MSR Rage pants). Pinching the tank with the brace feels natural because it is so slim on the inside of the knee. It does not tear up tank or shroud graphics to my surprise, a slight dull spot is all that I have noticed. Range of motion was very good. I am able to get my leg up to kick start the bike with ease. Inside of 10 minutes on the bike I forgot I had it on. The knee cup is the weak link on this brace, slightly less gap than the Edge but still the weak. There is a huge gap above the knee that is vulnerable to impact.

The brace felt strong molded to every curve of the leg. And if you are recovering from an injury the one year fit warranty is nice because when you rebuild muscle that has atrophied Innovation will remake the brace to suit you because an accurate fit is key to maximum support. There is no doubt in my mind that this brace would have saved me from an ACL injury... if I had only known then what I know now, but hind sight is 20/20.


Wash with mild detergent let air dry. Water sport friendly.

  • Ultra custom fit
  • One year fit warranty
  • Smooth action
  • Crisp lock at full extension
  • Relatively fast putting on and taking off
  • Fits well under riding gear
  • Felt natural after just minutes.
  • Did not wreck my graphics
  • Wonderful straps

  • Knee cup protection is the weak link
  • Hard to adjust extension stops
  • Knee sleeve does not breath well
  • Very pricey at $750 to $1500 for one brace
  • Availability, hard to find and must have a prescription.


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General Information
Provided by Innovation Sports

CTi2 Information

Activity Level

Contact, Cutting High or Low impact


MCL, ACL, PCL, Osteoarthritis (with OA Model) and Combined instabilities


ACL Cable system, Ski Boot attachment, Patella Cup, Flexion Stop


Seven standard metallic colors, custom paint


Custom Made- 3-5 days in house, plus shipping time


Limited Lifetime warranty on frame and hinges


Call for details

CTi2 Features
Ultra-light Carbon composite rigid frame construction.

Low profile strapping creates streamlined fit.

Precision Accutrac™ hinges.

Adjustable tibial and condylar padding.
Six-point support system helps compensate for medial, lateral, anterior, rotary and combined ligament instabilities.

Limited Lifetime frame and hinge warranty.
One year fit warranty.

Optional AMS™ (Anti-Migration System) wrap for additional suspension.

Models: Lite, SuperShort, Standard, Pro-Sport & Football.

Options: ACL Cable System, Ski Boot Attachment, Patella Cup & Flexion Stop. (additional charges apply)

Every CTi2 brace includes a brace tote bag.

CTi2 Custom Airbrushing and Private Labeling
Not only are Innovation Sports braces functional, they look great too. In addition to seven vibrant standard colors, CTi2 can be custom airbrushed in a variety of colors and designs. Each custom colored brace is individually hand-painted and can be made to match most sports equipment and active wear. Custom braces can be painted in team colors and logos can be placed on them if they meet Innovation SportsÕ design specifications. These options are available for an additional charge.