Jun 4, 2001
OK, when I use to ride sportbikes I attended 2 great schools that tripled my riding ability overnight....Thundersports racing and California Superbike. I was wondering if anybody has attended a motocross school or if word of mouth says which one is supposed to be the best. Your help is appreciated.


Oct 9, 2000
THe MX schools are GREAT!!! I just returned from a Gary Semics school at his home track in Ohio. He is GREAT! They are well worth the money IMO. I am as fast as him through the whoops now, can almost keep up with him on a start, and I am much more comfortable in the air. My cornering is at least twice as fast now, but he says it will increase with time. You must be wiling to listen, do what he says, and be a good student though or you will get an earful from him.
I only recommend this class for people that meet the above crudentials, along with being a fairly good rider to start with. Some of his techniques are difficult and all the beginers at the class COULD not do them and concentrate on riding at the same time. Also, little kids with a short attention span need not apply. All the wanted to do was ride and not listen.

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