My DW experience


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Jan 17, 2000
For me DW03 was my bachelor party and I can not think of a better way to do it. I got to see most of my friends, ride, laugh and BS. Then the "trophy girl" (HotPants) showed up with 2 of our dogs. I wish she had been there for the whole week but I'll take 2 days over no days any day. I mentioned at the award ceremony that on 11.15.03 she will become my wife, even after seeing how much of a fool I can act in social situations. She must love me cause she still claims we are on for the 15th.

I have no idea where this post is gonna end up, cause it is just the ramblings in my head... If it makes no sense at all... Oh well. Let me just say this. During my stay at DW03 I have not even thought about work. I needed that desperately. The days of DW03 were not stress free though. I stressed over rain, injuries, sponsors, wanting everyone to have a good time etc... But it was good to get my mind off of work. The thing that made DW so cool this year is while it was raining I heard people saying "I'd drive 22 hours to sit in the rain with my buddies over work any day." rather than complaining. And when someone go injured you almost had to draw names as to who was going to help because everyone wanted to help. If we needed volunteers we just had to think about it and people were there.

We had a few too many injuries this year but I am glad to hear everybody is doing well. With everyone getting hurt you begin to wonder if doing DW is worth it.... Then you meet someone like Whyzee and you know otherwise. Before Whyzee left the dude came up to me and thanked me for DW and asked me to pass it on to Okie as well. He asked me to find the guy that landed on Lola and tell him that it was not his fault and that she will be okay and he said that they would be back next year. He said this with a tear in his eye while his wife and son were laying the hospital. That brought a lump to my throat. If I had any question about whether DW was worth it or not Whyzee made it clear that it was. It's not just a week of playing in the dirt and there is no way to describe the atmosphere that surrounds it, you just have to be there.

HotPants, You put up with me working late and on weekends preparing for DW. You help me load and unload you take care of nearly everything to do with anything around the house and all you want in return is for me be happy. I can only hope I make you feel the same.

Okie, you had the vision to start this thing and the smarts to pull it off. I am really proud of DRN and DW and I am honored that you let me be involved.

Okie-clan, You guys organize everything, maintain your cool when Okie and I are freaked out, you feed me when I look hungry and no matter what stupid thing I do you still treat me like family. On top of that you have made Sarah feel like part of the family.

Billy, well you are still Billy. You didn't break anything big this year and don't tell me you were saving it for November. Always good to see you bro. And thanks for not breaking my bike this year. BTW, can I get your autograph?

Zoomers! What can I say, your family is what DW is all about. Some of the nicest people on this planet. You guys bring custard for the fiancé and everything. Sarah and Luke are HUGE and they are faster than me now (following in their Dad's footsteps) On top of all of that you got Briggs and Stratton involved as a sponsor. It is an honor to be friends with your family and hearing Luke say "Hi Mr. David is way cool too."

OldGuy and TheKid, not only do I jet weekly track reports after the weekly races from WI, you bring Custard for Sarah cause you know Billy and I ate the stuff Zoomer brought and you bring me 2 cases of WI's finest beer... Root beer that is. It is always good to see you guys, especially when you are not broken. Eric, if you ever give your gate away again... You know the rest. (BTW, even thought you could have had second, I'm real proud of the way you rode)

Gomer and Lori, I sit here shaking my head with a loss of what to say. Like the Zoomer's, you guys are what DW is about. No words can say what I feel so I will leave it at that. You guys rock.

Elk, dude, DW would not be the same with out you there. I have the CHiP sticker proudly displayed on my front fender! "Hey lets go goof off on the track, just take it easy between jumps and stuff." Yeah right. Next year I will have a 50... Maybe an XR70 or something a little taller, hip cramps suckith.

Mully.... You gotta admit, I got ya with the wasp thing this year LOL. Always a good time when you are around man.

Tony Eeds, you showed again why you are the "Lifesaver" dude goes out of his way to help.

Bswift, you are in the same category as Tony. Thanks for all of you help... The Mamba, the BBQ, the craftsman tool set, the showers etc.

Eddie, Aimee, first class all the way. The plaque you got does not accurately represent all that you helped with.

Nik and Red. Holeshotin sumbiothces. Good to see Red out of his shell this year and it was a blast cheering you on out there Nik. Sorry about the brake lever... And the power washer. Billy is having a negative effect on me. Can you shut that dog up now? LOL just kidding. You are some chili cooking fools too.

Pred.. Dude you are big.

Milk, well what do I say. Dint see you much this year but I was glad you were there. You ready for Nocona with with Okie and me?

Big Lou.... Fire and 50's don't mix bro. You do know you will hear about that for a LONG time. None the less, always good to see you.

Patman, flying solo this year. Man I wanted to ride that XR thing you had but I have been breaking a lot of stuff this year and figured I better not.

JP, the lil 50/80 bike you let me ride was too much fun. Now I gotta have one. Thanks man.

Stan, I am glad I did not take a loop with you in the woods... I kept hearing you were flying in there, I did do a woods loop though and actually had fun. I will start playing in there before I consider mixing it up in there with you.

TXBigguy, Thanks for letting Dr.D wreck your bike. I spoke with his wife yesterday and she said some parts were shipping out to you to fix it.

Vintage, I will ride that Maico next year!

Dr.D, always a pleasure to have you there. If you have not spent much time talking to him in person the guy is just cool. Even though his accomplishments in the sport justify a big head he does not have one. He is as down to earth as the rest of us. Most importantly he still has fun doing what he does and it is infectious. Calling Billy out over the finish line table top was classic!

Guy Cooper, the dude rolls up to me before the 1st B moto while I was flagging the checkers for practice ad he asks if he can do one more lap cause he has not had time to practice. I am like "uhhh... Yeah, it is Cooperland after all." Then he takes a lap and stops to say thanks. He is another down to earth pro for sure. Showed the woods guys the way across the creek to the other section of trails. Class act all the way.

I know I am leaving people and things out and I will remember soon and post them. I guess I short I want to say Thanks to all of the sponsors and to all of the people that came out this year to make it a truly unforgettable vacation. See ya next year.


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Jan 8, 2000

From just one of the regular guys, thanks for all you do to pull off DW. It is one of the best events I have ever been to. Hell, I think it was the best week in my life. All of the time and commitment that you and all of the people you mentioned above is fully appreciated by everyone that attends.

It’s like Okie and a bunch his friends had a party – and invited a couple hundred friends to attend.

You guys throw a heck of a party. Thanks for the invite.
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Feb 15, 2002

Thanks to Thump, Okie and all who sacrifice a whole year so we can have fun!!!

:thumb: :worship:


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May 1, 2001
Hey Thumpers,
I'll make a trip out to Nocona if you'll come to Muenster. Fair?


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Jun 28, 2002
Originally posted by Thump
Milk, well what do I say. Dint see you much this year but I was glad you were there. You ready for Nocona with with Okie and me?
Dude. I ate a bug for you and thats all I get? Ur the one that got too cool to hang out with me.....:moon:


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Jun 9, 2000
Thump and everyone...

As I sit here 1/2 way around the world I read that post and I remember what my brief trip was like to DW last year, and why I was absolutley crushed when I found out I had to travel to Malaysia for business and miss DW this year.

Not to sound too sappy, but Thump's post got me all welled-up inside and it made me remember why I keep coming back to and why I love this sport. It is the people. :thumb:

Words can't express the regret I have for not being able to make the trip this year. :whiner: Barring an act of God, I will be at DW '04.

Missing you guys from the other side of the planet...