Aug 20, 2000
If you MXers wanna help out there is a race at a new track in Terrel/Rockwall this is a cool track (small SX track) all the info I have is in the Rockwall track thread...the race is the 5th of Aug in the morning......they dont have lights and they are trying to make a go of it ........I'll try and post a phone number.........


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Nov 3, 2000
I will try to go. About 90% sure that I will attend. Do you know what the entry fee's are??? What are the practice times for the track during the week?? If you find the flyer please email me so that I can get a copy of it!!!


Dec 17, 2000
Here are the directions as I remember them:scream: Get on I30 east from dallas exit 205 south go approx 11 miles (you will see a small banner and flags on the east side of the road were you are supposed to turn) to CR243(if i remember correctly the road is also labeled FM1392) turn east and go approx 2+ miles you will see another set of banners and flags on the south side of the road this is the entrance to Xtreamland MX. if you come to the end of the road you have gone to far ;). Practice is 10 bucks 6-9 during the week and 10-?? on the weekend. I think that the race was 25 entry fee.

PS. found the flyer telephone Number is 214-537-0102 and it 2.9 miles on CR 243 from 205 to Xtremeland MX park
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