Aug 30, 2001
I am looking for a new bike I ride trails and would like to race harescrambles.My riding level is a beginner.I am 165lbs without gear.I curently ride 89 yz250 I would like a newer bike but can not afford a band new one. I was thinking about buying a newer mx bike and do some modifications or a kdx with modifications.I have a budget of $2500-$3000.Any suggestions would be helpful thank you.


Feb 8, 2001
Rockrider, either the KTM or the KDX would be an excellent choice. I'm partial to the KDX since I purchased mine 2 seasons ago as a beginner. The KTM bike and parts will be more expensive. But it looks as though you have a good butget for a used KTm. The KDX will have the most bottom end from stock which is great for tight trails, woods, beginners. KDX also has a lot of hop-up potential, and most likely have a lot of mods from previous rider. According to Sept. 01 issue of Cycle World p. 50, Jeff Fredette (21 time ISDE medalist and KDX rider) says "It's much easier to make a KDX a racebike than it is to make the KTM a beginner bike." And a lot cheaper as well. You also have a choice to which HS class to enter depending on KDX200 or 220. KDXs are very dependable and bulletproof, (imo). Good luck whichever you decide! BTW, I'm selling my 91KDX200 now to buy a 01KDX220!:D It has a torque pipe, new top end, new chain, sprockets, new wheel bearings, solid rotors, exc. plastic, new tires, Forks recently serviced by Fredette Racing, updated graphics, runs great, renthal bars etc...For less than half of your budget! You can see it at midwest dirtweek or email me! Barkbuster.


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Oct 13, 1999
I kind of agree with BikePolisher... er BarkBuster. :p Except the two best beginner off-road bikes are the KDX200/220 and the XR250. Both of these bikes are docile enough for for learning proper off-road riding technique, yet can easily be raced. Modifying a MX bike is a far more expensive route and less beginner friendly. I would also steer away from the high-end Euro bikes. Beginners tend to be "harder" on a bike. The cost of replacement parts is the downside to the Euros.
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