Ivan Liechty

Aug 18, 1999
This place looks great.  Ok Wardy and AJ, give us some details on your goals for the forum


Jan 20, 2000
Great forum! Everyone thats not a AMA member should join. There's power in the numbers.

just as fast as i remember!!


2005 Lori Nyland Award Winner
Nov 12, 1999
well i was thinking that instead of posting up questions and things anywhere,  that things pertaining to ama or like a local district stuff could be put in a forum so riders and racers could stay up to date. For instance, since i am an off road congress delegate, motocross director, and currently on the board of directors in district 17 i could help riders with questions, OR direct them to the right spot to get the right person for an answer.

Another cool thing about this forum is that it can be used to update riders on rain dates, cancelations, any thing of that nature that i have for district 17. BUT also anyone that has an announcement for there district could post it on this forum. kinda like the ultimate board for that kind of information. It was kinda surprising that it happened that fast, i just thought it was a good idea and clickity click here it is.

so i hope we can keep up hell aj has trouble keeping up with or well fill in that blank!!!
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AJ Waggoner

Crash Test Dummy
Nov 5, 1999
Well..wasnt my idea!!

But it is a very good idea for allthe reasons Wardy listed above.

We are both AMA congressman also which I would like to see input
on what riders think the rules for next season should or could be?
It will help in voting at Congress.

The main thing of the Forum would be to answer questions on AMA
tracks,memberships, pro-am licences, etc.

Also D17 Track announcements of cancelations or reschedules or other info.

Seems a great communications tool Wardy.Great Idea.

as far as keeping up you are referring to making AF's fast enough for you to get one? LOL
Hey I rode "yours" today before I delivered it just to make sure it wasnt as fast as "mine".
AND hey you got it TODAY!!&nbsp;&nbsp;2 days before the first race of the season this sunday..how much time DO you need to "pet" it before you race it??
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Feb 21, 2000
Is this forum for D-17 or can other districts have postings?&nbsp;&nbsp;I am a Hare Scrambles Representative from D-23 and would like to know if I can submit.&nbsp;&nbsp;I think it would be a great tool to get the info out.



2005 Lori Nyland Award Winner
Nov 12, 1999
District 17 is a happen type district but could never have enough going on to hold up a forum on its own.

It was my intention to have this as a post board for all districts and ama type information, that could be from anywhere in the country. Of course I like it since its real easy to tell riders to come here and look for things. Plus they can ask questions and find out things that way also.

I think it can work real well so any districts out there go ahead and post away.


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