Oct 4, 2007
Hi all, first time poster, long time lurker, love your show!

Anyway, looking forward to participating here. For starters, I'm like my name says....a midlife dude who used to race motocross in my teens and 20's, quit....got married, had a son, got into fishing, got divorced, bought a new Harley, got a new girlfriend, got a couple of new Hondas for me and my son, then the gf decided she wants to ride so she bought a new one too. Bought new CRF 100,150 and 230's. I'm selling the 230 because it's just not enough bike for me. I bought a 2006 KDX200 which I haven't ridden yet...we're going tomorrow. Sure sounds like a great choice in bikes, value, performance, reliability and so on...ah, ya'll know this.

A couple quick things. I noticed several posts telling KDX owners to dump in a whole quart of gear oil to alleviate the rattle noise apparently inherent in these engines. I ran this by a local Kawi mechanic who is also an experienced KDX owner and he said that is an absolute 'no-no'. Increased pressure on crank seals or something. Follow the capacity specs in the manual...650ML for mine.

And lastly, what's the most popular 2 stroke oil to use? In my racing days you could use anything you wanted to as long as it was Golden Spectro!


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