May 3, 2001
I just purchased a 1991 KTM 250. I need to buy some tune up parts (plugs,
filter, trans oil, ???) and was wondering if you knew the best mail order
place to get these parts. Also, would you happen to know where I get more
info about the 1991 KTM 250? I do not have an owners manual and want to
bring the bike up to snuff.

Thank you very much, Ed


Feb 13, 2001
Try www.holeshotktm.com for manuals. I don't know if they can get them that far back but maybe. Most of the other stuff you can buy at any moto shop. I find it futile to order oil and the such. I am cheap but too cheap to order enough at once to be worth while. If you have a KTM dealer near they may be able to help also with specs and part #s.

Good luck.


Mar 12, 2000
Try Helmut Clasen from Clasen Motors in Dundas ONT CANADA. He has been a KTM dealer for ever and has a lot of older KTM parts in stock. He ships parts anywhere. He probably has the best KTM parts selection in Canada and knows more about the older bikes than anyone around. Tell him Scotty gave you his name and number. hecla@sympatico.ca is his email address.

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