May 20, 2007
Hey guys, Im Arvi, im 14 and I live in Maryland.

My current bike is a Ktm sx 125 2003.

I am fairly new to dirtbiking, and
I dont live out in the land so I dont have much space to practice on and all, so now I've started to look for some trails or tracks to go learn some new stuff on and just have some fun.

I want to start riding on tracks, more than trails, because I know how to ride I just want some practice on jumps and more racing type of dirt biking.
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Tony Eeds

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Jun 9, 2002
Welcome to DRN.

Check out the Damn Yankee Dirt Riders forum for some folks in your area. Not exactly sure how close some are, but I know there are folks in Eastern PA and NJ.

Welcome to DRN

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