Apr 17, 2001
I am new to the club as well as being new to both the 4-stroke and European race bike world. I recently purchased an 01' 520 SX and after a (very)short break-in period I took both it and my 99' RM 250 to last weekends MX race. Not sure which one to ride I tried each in the mornings practices. I chose this brand new bone stock bike in which I have only ridden once over a bike I have raced every weekend for the last two years. I Finished fourth in the 250B class. My point? These bikes are worth every penny you pay for them. One ride and I am sold on both KTM and 4-strokes! I had the oppurtunity to ride an 01' YZF 426 back to back with the 520SX - the extra weight and starting procedure of the Yamaha made it an easy choice. Anyone interested in making the change - you won't regret it!!

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