Jun 20, 2001
I don't live in Oregon. I have however vacationed there. We stayed near Winchester Bay. They have some AWESOME dune riding between Winchester and Coos Bay. This area is right on the coast a little south of Portland.

Make sure to eat at the little seafood restaraunt right on Winchester Bay. If you do get to eat there get the clam chowder and grilled Salmon steak for your main meal. Good stuff.:)


Aug 9, 1999
What type of riding do you like?
There are lots of well maintained trails all over Oregon.
For MX, there are several great tracks <1 hour from Portland. (Washougal, Mt View, Woodland in Winter).

For SX, there is Albany and PIR.
And in the Winter there is indoor arenacross in Salem and also Clark County WA).

Tell me what type of riding you like and I can give you more info.

XR4 Jockey

Apr 11, 2001
There are some fun spots in Southern Oregon too. We have John's Peak for hare scrambles and just plain having fun in the woods. I'd say a few hundred miles of trails there. Up near Prospect (Crater Lake area) there is a designated OHV area that looks like the size of a small county when viewed against a map of Oregon. About 222 miles of trails there, all are designated sort of like a ski resort. An MX track just opened up near Medford also. The dunes in Coos Bay are a few hours away. Roseburg, 1.5 hours north, has an MX track and woods riding as well. Just about every rural road out here has some sort or dirt road branching off into BLM land where the old logging roads used to be. Another perk, if/when you get a green sticker to ride, OR will donate 1000.00 to the trail systems. Overall, there's a good amount of places to ride just here in S Oregon. If you come down this way PM me and we'll hook up......


Jul 14, 2000
There are indeed lots of good riding spots in Oregon. Do you know where you will be moving?

There are decent areas anywhere you go. Depending on your riding pleasure, there is a lot of variety as well.


Aug 4, 2000
Lot's of great trails around here! But where you will be located within the state will undoubtedly have some bearing on where you ride most. Do you know where in the state you are relocating to yet?
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