Aug 16, 2001
ok, i was so confused and frustrated today my bike almost went up in flames! Here's the problem, after taking my carb off for cleaning amongst other things and putting it back on i had a little problem! When filling up my gas tank and turning on the valve gas just poured out of the overflows like there was nuthin holding it back!
I removed it again checked it out, and everyting was fine. Then i put it back on and same problem! Can anyone help me here?

David Trustrum

Jan 25, 2001
With the bowl off (& a cold engine!) hold the carb & reattach the hose. Turn the fuel on & gas flows right? A light push to raise the floats should seal this off. Check there is nothing preventing the valve going into the seat or the floats weren’t bent.

Unless of course you have done something really embarrassing like put the float valve in upside down.

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