Mar 20, 2001
Hey, I am just amazed that the article about Pastrana has gotten hundreds of views and reading a lot of your comments makes me believe many think this kind of stuff can't happen. WELL PEOPLE, you should be reading all these land issue posts and keep up on all this stuff, because everything is just getting worse, and WE ALL NEED TO SUPPORT THE ORGANIZATIONS THAT FIGHT FOR US !! Not just off-roaders, but private property owners, and the public in general needs to know about this stuff, because it will affect EVERYONE as the try to bring America back to 50% wilderness (the Wildlands Project). I am asking everyone to inform people you know, and PLEASE GET INVOLVED.....EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS !!


Nov 6, 1999
KTMrad what's the best organization to fight for our rights? Got a number or website? Any help would be much appreciated? Thanks Joe


Aug 13, 1999
KTMrad, you are 100% correct. It is not just about access and off roading, it is about the greenies agenda to basically force everyone to live in a properly designed city where we make no impact upon the environment. The most basic right we have is being taken from us - Property Rights. You think you have it bad living in a city with all the permits and crap you have to deal with, try owning a large parcel of land and doing what you feel is best for the land. There is a bill being decided upon right now call CARA - the Conservation And Reinvestment Act. It is basically designed to give the gov't a huge amount of unregulated tax $ to buy out property owners.

You want links - try Blue Ribbon Coalition at http://www.sharetrails.org/

AMA at http://www.ama-cycle.org/index.asp

American Land Rights Assoc. at http://www.landrights.org/

Americans for Responsible Recreational Access at http://responsiblerecreation.policy.net/proactive/users/registration/insert

CARA is actually a bigger threat to all of us than any Klintonian Roadless Policy. Once they take the private lands away how long will it take before they close off ALL ACCESS except that which is deemed acceptable by the Enviros!

Don't just go check out the sites, join the group, donate what you can, get involved, write letters, tell EVERYONE you know what is going on. I've made copies of letters and flyers and posters and distributed them to many shops and clubs. Don't forget the mountain bikers, horsebackers, Cub Scouts....... anyone at all that likes the outdoors needs to be very concerned.


Sep 22, 2000
Great points, :)

We need to make this board a fun place to hang out. :think

Let's make this board a destination for folks when logging on, instead of just checking in once a month to see if the paint is still wet. ;)

We need to make more effort in stimulating discussions of the issues rather than just a bulletin board cluttered with so much information it makes your eyes cross. :confused:

Getting the information out is the most important thing we can hope to accomplish---we just need to find a way that will keep everyones interest.

Lets all make an effort to keep this clutter to a minimum. :)

When making a post, instead of copying and pasting documents / articles etc, lets all submit a url too an article instead of these huge monster band-width eating posts. :)

It seems that things are easier to read where they originate at in the original format.

An example is the AMA website, they do not have url's for each article so copying and pasting is about the only way to share information, but if detailed directions are made then readers can find it that way.

When posting the url to an article that you would like others to read you need to put quotation marks in front of the "http and then before the closing bracket "]CLICK HERE EXAMPLE[/url[

What do you think ??


AssClown SuperPowers
Damn Yankees
Aug 2, 2000
I agree, KW, that a lot of people are turned off by this forum because of the long-winded posts. The using of url links would probably generate more interest.

But, this place will never be fun to hang out in until there is no more bad guys (read: greens) out there trying to take our access away. This forum is serious business!

You're preachin' to the choir in here . . .


Damn Yankees
Nov 21, 2000
North East USA
That's a great idea KW. I read all the post everyday in here but my eyes get crossed eye and watery trying to read some of the pasted in articles.:eek:

Another way to get a URL link to an article that doesn’t display one is to use the email function that the site offers to email yourself the article and when you get the email, post the URL that comes with it. Some sites will have a place that asks if you want to email the article to a friend.

I hope that makes sense:confused:
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