Feb 1, 2001
From Georgia Off Road:
Travis recently purchased a tract of 20 acres to be used for riding and to build his future home. Landowners from a couple adjacent tracts also rode bikes/atvs. The group made a joint effort to develop some existing trail left behind by logging crews, and to install a few jumps for Pastrana and others to practice on.

All was going well until anonymous complaints begin filing into the local courthouse. The individual(s) who filed these complaints cited noise and environmental damage, and wanted the area closed. The tracts are located in a rural section of Anne Arundel County in Maryland.

County officials eventually had a look at the site and halted all trail construction and maintainence. The land owners, including Pastrana, were said to have committed crimes against nature - that is right, they had the nerve to use their own land responsibly and as they saw fit.

Local media placed a heavy leftist slant on the story, dredging up images of a wild-eyed lawbreaker who has committed previous \'crimes against nature\'. View the story here:

Travis is facing thousands of dollars in fines and possibly six months in the county jail for various environmental misdemeanors. Pastrana and his father, Robert, are willing to work with officials to bring the property in line with grading codes and other guidelines.

Land rights in America are eroding at an alarming rate. The issue is not limited to ORV users or motocrossers - home builders have faced similar scenarios when cutting foundations on their own property. Government is too large, too greedy, too intrusive, and is shifting too far to the left.

Perhaps this will open more eyes to see the damage that is currently being done to freedom in this great country.

Do you think that all the great and honorable men who fought and gave their lives for this country in wars past would approve of the path we\'ve taken as a nation? I think not.
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