Jun 8, 2001
This is what Pinchon said about the race:

" The track was very slippery, they put water down on top of the hard ground. I don’t mind it like that and I wanted to pull away from Reed who was riding very well. When I took the lead, he was riding very fast and it took a while to shake him off, I had maybe three seconds per lap on him and enough to soon open up a ten-second lead. The entire race I was focused on winning, but the last three or four laps were the worse of my life. I was feeling so tired, I guess I was riding on my nerves. My legs were tired, my arms, everything felt weak. On the last lap I was starting to worry that something might break, the engine, the suspension. It was silly, I knew the bike was perfect as always, but these things start to go through your mind when you get so nervous like that, you start imaging things."

Geez, reminds me of the feeling I had when I ran the 400 meter dash for the track team...except I was worried about my leg tendons breaking, not bike parts. Anyhow, the rest of the article is here.

Dirk Diggler

Jun 28, 2001
I have seen Chad race in Oz land, and he will be a force to be reckoned with in the comming years.
& McFarlene (500's),
& McCoy (500GP's),
& West (500 GP's),
& Brendon Clarke (500 GP, 19yo, first ride in the world circut),
& Mladin (US Superbikes, and whipping your butts as well),
& Corser, (World Superbikes)
& Bayliss, (World Superbikes)
and don't forget what the Mighty Doohan did, even Gardner.

Who else thinks Aussies can't ride bikes?:p

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