Apr 28, 2000
I've seen topics on this before, but never really found an answer I liked. I am in canada, so sending the pipe away to a company in the states that specializes in fixing pipes is a bit out of question.
My dad works for a GM dealer. Do you think the guys in the body shop would be able to do something easily? Also what other options are there? Who else could fix a pipe? Can any of the heating type methods damage the finish of a platinum pipe? That is my main concern.


Jan 17, 2001
The autobody guys will want to weld little studs on the pipe and slap hammer the dents out. That will surely mess up the finish and not get you the results you want. Why is mailing it to the States out of the question?? The mail runs from here to there. Check out the postage rates, they might not be too bad.
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