Jan 11, 2000
I ride enduro in sometimes very rocky terrain where it´s easy to make mistakes and crash the pipe.
I´ve done it several times and I can´t or will not afford one more pipe (just bought a new one).

I know a dealer who sells a pipe guard or pipe protection, I don´t know what you call it?
It´s made of aluminium and you wrap it on the pipe with "clamps/brackets" (don´t know the word).

The dealers who didn´t sells it told me that this was more popular fo about 10-15 years ago. They thought it looked ugly and told me that it didn´t helped against hits. And that mud would build up between pipe and pipe guard.

Have you any experience of this?

There´s no real big money involved, but is it worth it?

Thanks a lot for all coming replies!


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Aug 24, 2000
The ugly pipe guard you mention is a universal kit that is marketed by Parts Unlimited's Moose Off-Road division. I've used that product and its very tough and resistant to rocks. Another popular product is the carbon fiber guards by E-Line in Wareham Massachuesetts


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Nov 21, 2000
North East USA
I put the Moose pipe guard on my bike. It is the thickest one out there and gives good protection from rocks and minor hits. The carbon fiber guards are light weight and trick looking but $100 was too steep for me. Besides, I like the retro look of the Moose guard. :cool: Maier also makes one that is cheaper than the Moose but it is thinner and breaks easily (experience talking here). Nothing will protect your pipe from a major blow that will bend the pipe but the guards do a good job keeping the dents out.

Since the Moose guard is so thick it can be difficult to bend to fit your pipe. I had good luck heating it with a torch and forming it around. Be careful not to heat it too much or it will melt and will break easily (more experience talking).

Here are some shots of the Moose guard on my bike:
picture 1
picture 2


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Oct 23, 2000
I am on my second bike with an eline gaurd. They are great. It'll always be one of the first things I put on my bikes. The metal ones will help a little, the carbon fiber will take a beating.:)


Sep 1, 1999
I was using a Bonzi pipe guard that looks just like RM_guy's. I think that it was better than people think. At the last enduro it took a real beating and protected my pipe from dents and rocks. I agree that the e line works the best but at that same enduro a riding buddy crushed his e line and pipe on a not so hard crash. I just bought a 2 piece guard at a local shop, it was used and I horse traded for it. I thought it was carbon fiber but after examining it, it appears to be fiberglass. It fits nice and should protect fairly well, it will probably bust up in a rocky crash though.

I wouldnt hesitate to get the Bonzi pipe guard, I think that it is a good choice for the money, the eline is the best but much more expesive.


Jan 11, 2000
Ordered that universal kit I was talking about..don´t know what brand.
I can´t get anything else than that from any dealer here in Sweden.

But I hope it´s better than nothing.

Thanks for all replies:)

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