Plug Chop Questions for Jetting

Sep 3, 2003
I have some questions for the plug chop on jetting. How do u do it first of
all.....I wanna know how so i can jet my bike pretty well. I have read
some other threads and they talk about running the motor at WOT for 20-
30 seconds in 4th gear on a slight incline, will this hurt my motor cuz i
don't think that i'm running lean. I have checked the plug since I put new jets in and put a FMF Pipe and Silencer on it. The plug was black and oily
with just a hint of tan on the electrode. I want it to be sort of black so i
know my motor is getting good lubrication at high RPM but not as black as i want it now.It runs good but it is a little
smokey until I get on the gas hard then it doesn't smoke at all or maybe
a little but i can smell the synthetic oil burning clean, but my brand new silencer already has the black spooge coming out the silencer hole, and I
don't wanna go through silencer packing every week! So basically i have
decided to jet it so it doesn't smoke barely and so it barely spooges. But
all i want to know is how to do the plug chop correctly. Thanx!


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Jan 8, 2000
The soot on the plug is not unburned oil and has little to do with the ratio you are running. A plug chop (from what I read above you DO understand the correct way to perform it) will show if your mixture (air:fuel) is correct. If the plug is black your mixture (not your ratio) is too rich.