Rapid Turnover on Speed

Jul 9, 2003
Here is the link to the schedule of airings, it premiers August 19th at 10:00PM est. SPEEDtv.com | Programs | Launch Hour | Details on all your favorite SPEED programs, schedules, and more. | television, PINKS, Unique Whips, NASCAR, Earnhardt, F1, Formula One, Formula 1, racing, cable, satellite, TV

It was filmed in Independence Iowa, Me and my Team (MGR Racing) participated in the race. Me and Jeff Zerr are #104, I am the crew chief and Jeff Zerr is the rider. You can see in the promo video at the 10-11 second mark me and Jeff, I am in the red hat and black shirt. It was a hell of a lot of fun and an exciting type of format with MC's and ATV's on the track at the same time with 20 yard sprints between the two.

Here is the official promo video
YouTube - Rapid Turnover

Here is my video
YouTube - Rapid Turnover amatuer video

Here is a few articles about the race/show
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