Nov 17, 2000
What class does Aj ride in? I'll look for him.
No dirt as of last thursday. We have new track groomer on the way, should be here in time for the S Nat. By the way, your sibling _issed me off last week, first time at Azzie since the "Ribs", and he goes blowing by me on his new Zinger. Made me feel real bad:( I looked deep within myself and found the courage to wick it up a little, and I passed the little bugger back:cool:
I guess I needed that, still a little (lot) off the pace.


Moto Junkie
Apr 21, 2000
My fiancé, Red, was planning on racing it... but he's been sitting out the past couple of weeks with a hyper-extended knee and the braces should be here Monday. So hopefully he'll be ready to race0 next weekend when we go to Steel City! :)

Good luck Mike if you're racing! Be ready for a rough ride - Red Bud gets pretty nasty!! (haha - they call it the old dirty blasters series)
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