May 21, 2001
I think it's time to replace the rings on my cr. Is this easy enough for me to do myself? What things do I need to buy (gaskets, ring(s), etc.)? Do I need any special tools? Should I have a shop check anything while I have my bike apart? Thank you for taking your time


Jul 14, 2000
Ok, step by step, this is really easy.
1.Remove the right side exhaust valve cover.
2.Remove the connecting rod for the powervalves that is inside the exhaust housing.(there should be a cotter pin holding it in.
3.Unbolt the cylinder base nuts in a criss cross pattern(not sure if the criss cross patter in necessary but I do it just incase)
4.Remove the cylinder head nuts while the cylinder is still on the cases.
5.Now, gently try and remove the cylinder, if it doesn't come right off hit it at a 45* angle with a RUBBER mallet.
6.Gently lift the cylinder off of the piston
7.Remove the ring off of your piston and replace it(real simple)
9.Take the cylinder and clean out exhaust valve housings with break cleaner or something similar.
10.Remove all of the left over gasket on the cylinder and cases with a razor and break cleaner.
11.Take a scotch bright and in a criss cross patter(making an X) gently hone the cylinder.
12.Wash the cylinder out with soapy water,I usually take a hair dryer to it after this and then spray on somekind of penetrating oil like WD40.
13.Put a new gasket on for the cylinder base.
14.It's best to put a little grease on the base mounting bolts
15.Compress the ring making sure the ring gap lines up with the little pin in the piston, while compressing this place the cylinder onto the piston until it slides on, this is were having 2 people helps.
16.In a criss cross pattern tighten the nuts to speck.
17.Reconect the connecting rod with the cotter pin and put the cover back on.
18.You can get some copper gasket sealer spray and spray it on your metal head gasket and re-use it.
18.Torque the head down to spec in a criss cross pattern.
19.Break it in and enjoy.

I don't think I missed anything but someone checking over it wouldn't hurt.
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Jan 29, 2001
Do we have to remove the spark plug wire from the spark plug before removing the head too? Just kidding Moo. ;)

That looks pretty darn complete and accurate. I am sure others will agree.

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