Mar 26, 2001
I live in NJ and ride in northern Hunderton County by Jugtown and south Warren County. It's sweet up here. It's all trails, railroad tracks, and a couple of circuts.
Maybe we could ride together sometime?


Sep 17, 2000
Hey Honda If ya want Id love to go riding w ya.I bought my 1st bike last year I didnt even get to ride it due to my mothers illness,shes not w us anymore but it kills me to have the bike collecting dust and not have any riding partners. There is a place in manville to ride,if ya wanna know where it is I'll tell ya dinosaur how to get down there,its not to far from bosses house kids ride down there all the time.Then theres the trail in bound brook by the tracks it runs behind Cyanamid and goes out to manville also.If ya ride that stay away from the pits they are contaminated w chemicals,abit toxic 1s.


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