May 21, 2001
First off, I picked up my first pair of MX boots tonight. I got on my bike for a couple minutes and it didn't feel right. I was leaning forward on the pegs. How do I ride with these boots? Will most of my problems be fixed when they break in? Thanks;)


Nov 7, 2000
I had the same thing. You will get used to it. It gets easier after they break in. Also, I had to move my lever up to accommodate the extra thickness of the boot.


Apprentice Goon
Mar 16, 2001
Charlestown, IN
You need to be on the balls of your feet more. My kids had the same feeling you are experiencing, yz. Just realise that the balls of your feet are futher forward than what you may first think. Practice being conscience of your foot positioning. It will come.
Danman is telling you correct, you probably want to move your levers. If your brake is too high, you may find yourself riding it when you arent wanting to. Also, try lifting your left foot off the peg when shifting...lifting up with your whole leg to shift up, and lifting it off and stabbing down to downshift. Takes some getting used to. I've been riding for years and I still have the urge to "sit-n-shift".


Jun 14, 2000
When sitting

Originally posted by Jaybird
You need to be on the balls of your feet more.

While sitting, keep the balls of your feet on the pegs, not the arch of your foot. You don't shift like it is a street bike. Like Jaybird said, you should HAVE to move your whole leg to shift, not your ankle. If you keep the arch of your foot on the peg while sitting, there is a chance it could get ripped off the peg while riding in a deep berm since your toes are hanging down below the bike. :eek:

Boots do take some time to break in and get use to. You'll probably walk like Frankenstein till they break in. :D

Good luck!

Jeff Gilbert

N. Texas SP
Oct 20, 2000
It does take some getting use to, I'm still nursing a sore foot from getting my foot ripped off the peg. I wasn't on the ball of my foot when I attempted to weight the outside peg in a deep berm. Shifting will come easier as the boots break in but I still find myself forgetting to bend my ankles asI walk in my tennis shoes after a days ride and I take off my boots. I just realized that today.. Doh!:scream:
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