Apr 10, 2007
Hay guys, I'm trying to get my 2000 RM125 adjusted correctly after installing new reeds, piston/ring. It runs smooth but is missing a good deal of mid range power.

After reading post/links here, the best I can tell, my factory slow jet (50) is a little too large. As per guides I have read, if the air screw is less than (1) turn, go larger, if over (2.5), go smaller. My max idle speed is gained at 3.5 turns out on the air screw. The service manual says it should be 2.5 out. Can I get a 49? It appears to run good to me at 1/4 throttle but what I have read says to get the pilot right first before going any further. I have a 48, but think it may be too small.

I know I have room for improvement. If I pull the choke out part way, and open the throttle full, it runs awesome. It bogs down low for a second, then comes to life. I have the needle as rich as possible and not sure what to do next. I need more fuel so a richer main jet is needed right? The factory jet is 175. What size increments are available? What size should I start with? When I change to a larger main, I will be able to raise the needle for fine mid adjustment, is this correct.

Does anyone offer a jet kit with multiple jets to get me where I need to be? The Suzuki dealer is 30+ miles each way and charge to much in my opinion for each jet. I hate to buy several jets that I don't need, or make several unnecessary trips.

I know this is a dreaded worn out topic to most of you guys. I am anxious to get this bike running correctly, and am excited now that I have found that there is more power lurking in my RM, I know it's there, I just need to get it right.

Thanks in advance for your time, knowledge, and suggestions.
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