Help Rm125 2010


Hi there. Hoping to gain a bit of help and advice from someone. I have a 2010 rm125 which started every 2-3 kicks.

I took it out about a week ago and was in 5th gear, changed to 4th and it made a screeching noise and then the bike cut off. I tried to kick it over once it cut out but the kick start just doesn’t move whatsoever. Im guessing this is a serious problem.

I’ve had the bike for about 3 months and it had a rebuild by the previous owner. I’m wondering if he misplaced something?

I drained the oil and I didn’t see any metal pieces come out of it.

I hoping it’s not a seized engine. Any help would be appreciated


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My guess is you seized the top end. If you are going to do the work the first thing I would get is the service/repair manual for the year and make of your bike. A quick check can be done by removing the spark plug, put the bike in gear, and see if you can turn the rear wheel. If you cannot turn the wheel the piston/crank is the issue. Take a look at the plug too. You may see metal shaving on the tip.......


Thank you for replying. I can still change gears when the bike is rolling or Just sitting on the stand. It has super high compression though and I’m not sure what would cause that other than the piston. I will take the spark plug out today and have a look and will get back to you later on.
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