Roadless Initiative Comment Period reopened


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Aug 2, 2000
This was e-mailed to me from ARRA:
Success!!! The Bush Administration has decided to re-open the comment period on the Forest Service roadless issue. This is very good news. Seeking additional comments from the general public is something that ARRA has supported ever since the Clinton Administration announced the original rule. As you know, the Clinton Administration pursued a policy that could have closed thousands of acres of public lands and miles of federal waterways to recreationalists. Now is our chance to make our voices heard! Click here and send your comments to the Forest Service today! The re-opening of the comment period shows that your input does make a difference. We have made some changes to the ARRA web site and we invite you to re-visit the site. While there make sure you also read the August Newsletter. If you are unable to use the links provided in this email, please visit ARRA's Action Center on the web site at
More good news for all of us! :cool:


Jan 27, 2000
Great news.


I also got that e-mail this morning. Could it be, they are actually listening to us? What a refreshingly new approach.:)

Anyone that did not send in their comments in the first round, now is your chance. DO IT! The future of our sport depends on it.
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