Damn Yankees
Nov 19, 2002
I rode a 94 yesterday, and I have an 03. the 94 had a fatty pipe with an original powercore on it. Mine has a stock pipe with a power core II on it. IMO... the pre 94 models have more of a MX motor. They are loud, and sound like a 125. They feel lighter, and a hell of a lot quicker. they also ping, vs. the new ones, which sound like a diesel. GR-GR-GR-GR... I wish the newer bikes had snap like the old ones!


Sep 18, 2003
I have just sold my 1993 KDX200 and am impatiently awaiting the arrival of the 2004 model in South Africa, but bugger is it ever taking long. I'm expecting a bit of power loss in the conversion because there will be no FMF pipe etc, but I tell you I cannot wait. I have to ride an '80-something Suzuki TS185 in the meantime, which is a complete bugger, the bike my wife learned to ride on. She upgraded to a 2003 Yamaha TTR125, a very neat little bike, so I feel very much the poor cousin without my lean, mean, green machine! But it will be worth the wait because, afterall, the differences between the 2003 and 2004, as was the case with the 2002 to 2003, are going to be primarily academic. Nine times out of ten, when you're blasting through the bush, more skill, larger 'nads and more applied brain power are going to make the difference between the fast and slow, winners and losers. And let's face it, anyone riding a bike cannot be too much of a loser.


Apr 19, 2003
it was my friends, it had only a few miles on it bone stock. mainly didnt like the bend of the stock bars, way too firm seat and stiff suspension. i think it has a 5kg spring on it. i liked it, i just like mine alot better.
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