Saddleback Park


Just wondering if anybody misses the coolest park ever as much as I do!!How many of you had the fortune to watch the last national held there with all the heroes of the 80's,that was nuts.Let's see if I can remember all the obstacles...suicide mountain,webco,magoo double,banzai hill,the wedge,did I miss any??


This came up before. I'm very near you. Care to try to find it on a dualsport ride? Maybe, perhaps, go offline with a few of our friends??? e-mail me


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My last trip to Saddleback was 1978,and the other one I miss was Escape County and if I remember right it was just South of SB.

I grew up in H.B. spent alot of time at both places, even had a great little track at the end of my street in H.B. which is now the Westminster Mall spent my hours a day there with Jim West.

Rodger DeCoster lived in the next track over, Boy those were the days


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Oh yeah, I remember the matterhorn , that was the last thing we tried to do at the end every day never did make it.

Nother great story


Wow VD (ahem -- sorry, but someone was bound to call you by your initials sooner or later) -- thanks! Excellent article.


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No prob on the VD. Anyway XRPredator already beat you to it...


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Originally posted by VintageDirt
Have you guys seen this....

Thanks for the link. I got to tell you guys that story brings a tear to my eye. I have never seen Saddleback Park. But remember the articles about the 81 National with Hannahs and Howertons battle! Brutal! The 83 National with the double up suicide mountain. Magoo stalling his works RC 500 and rolling down the hill to bump start it! Great memories, even if I wasn't at those races.

Back home, my old race track that I spend 9 years riding at every available moment now has house's on it. :( Its true what they say you don't know what you got until its gone! Its been 6 years since I last rode there. Everytime I go home, something pulls me out to the track to look. You can park on the road and walk in and still see that back part of the track. Its just sad. It was my Saddleback!

I will be going to Southern Cal. for business later on this year. We need to hook up and go find Saddleback!


saddle back

I rode there almost every weekend with my bro, and I can say on my 83 cr125 I did the magoo double with syle, but had a hard time makeing the turn after it, I would almost hit or hit the fence everytime, I rode there last in 84, the last time I went there it was my 1st date with my now wife of 16 years,
how romantic. the was the bets place I ecer had ridden at, I went there in 86 to see it over run with weeds.