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Jun 17, 2002
I am coming from Santa Barbara and have a Volvo station wagon and a 5x8 plush trailer. I want to leave on the 26th in the mid-day and power through with one or more people. I am planning to leave the last Saturday of the event when the time is right and powerback.

About me:
I am a great driver ;), listen to heavy rock/metal, spacey rythyms, old stones, contemporary singers (pete yorn, ed harcourt, etc.) I do have headphones if chill time is needed.

I have DC/AC power converters putting out 300watts. Two DVD capable laptops will provide hours of movies and moto inspiration. Car will get about 18 mph with the trailer.

I am bringing a KTM525, XR50 and maybe a CRF230 for a fun/backup bike.

Trailer fits four big bikes and one little guy. I am also willing to drive to you and use my trailer with your car potentially.

Give me a call at 805-689-5248 to talk about it.
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Jan 30, 2000
I think you'd better leave now if you can only go 18mph. :laugh:


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Feb 8, 2000
Uhhh, "The Ram"?? What's that all about?

If it helps any, I can vouch for this guy. I know him and used to work with him so he's alright. He may be one of those slick salesmen type guys but you should survive 20 hours in a car with him. :p

Glad to hear you're going to make it Doug. You're going to have a blast and find it was well worth the trip. You can't find anyone else from SB to drag with you?

There are several coming out from socal, check the thread below and maybe you can get in on a caravan type deal.


I'll be there early and will be helping to sign people in so be sure to look for me when you arrive. I'll make sure to drag you around and introduce you.

scar tissue

Dec 27, 2000
You are welcome to caravan with us. We leave out of OC and drive straight through. We will be pulling a 5th wheel and quad cab truck so switching to a roomier car would be welocme. I drove my van and trailer out last year and it took 22 hours to get there and 19 to get back. Funny how that works.

However we will not be leaving until at least Sat afternoon the 27th or possibly Sunday AM. Last year we left Sunday and rolled in Monday AM ready to rock.

Let me know if those dates work for you. FYI I may at least hit you up to a hual a bike for me if you don't want to caravan.

cell 714-681-3847

FYI I don't think that GSR recomendation is helping you. You might want to have it deleted :moon:


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Oct 16, 2000
Scar - we want to leave Saturday by noon. Will that work for you or do you need permission from from your mommy?

Also doesn't look good for taking 300exc due to a lack of space, sorry. Have you gotten it yet?

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