Mar 20, 2001
As you have probably heard, the enviro extremists are "upset" with the
legislators who signed the letter to BLM State Director Mike Poole,
especially the Democrats who signed the letter.

In order to make sure that Democrats and some Republicans don't cave in
to the enviro's pressure, please write thank you letters asap to the

Legislators to concentrate on in the San Diego area are Asm. Juan
Vargas, Asm. Charlene Zettel, Asm. Christine Kehoe and Sen.Dede Alpert.

In the rest of S. CA: Asm.Thomas Calderon (LA), Asm.Marco Firebaugh
(LA), Asm.Ed Chavez, Asm.Dario Frommer (Glendale), Asm.Carol Liu
(Pasadena), Asm.Lynn Daucher (Orange County), Asm.Tom Harmon (OC), Asm.
Gloria Negrete-McLeod (San Bernardino), Asm.Sarah Reyes and Asm. Dean
Florez (Fresno area) and for those in the Bay Area, Asm Rebecca Cohn
(San Jose).

You may wish to write to those who we asked to sign the letter but they
did not: Sen. Betty Karnette (Long Beach) and Asm.Jenny Oropeza (Long

We need action because many of the legislators are being inundated by
the enviros and are not receiving any support from us. Thanks

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