Jan 17, 2001
Here is my race report for Saturday at the Shelby “Supercross” Fair race held at the Cleveland county fair grounds. My boy had soccer practice that morning so Billy the Quad took my bike, gear and food down to the track (see, those quad guys are good for something, JK). Anyway, he got everything set up so all I had to do was show up, even got my bike registered and warmed up. I bolted down to the track and sweet-talked my way into the parking lot that was only supposed to have vehicles pulling bikes; since mine was already there I wasn’t pulling anything. I then walked into the track and found Billy’s truck, quad, and my bike, buy no Billy…. My gear was all locked up and practice was rolling off. This was a problem because 1. I was not in my gear, 2. I had never even seen this track before, and 3. I was the THIRD practice!!!!! Modern technology intervened here and I was able to call Billy on his cell phone and he then gave me the pass key code to open his truck up. Pretty cool! I then got my gear on as he warmed my bike up and barely made it out to the practice.

The track was pretty good, no do or die jumps out there and I was able to figure out the small triple jump section in the whoops by my last lap. The qualifier was next and I was ready to go. Gate drops and I’m 4th in the hole! I was stoked…. However by the 3rd turn, I over gassed it and spun out. L I got back up and was passing people left and right, pretty easily (which surprised me). By the third lap as I’m accelerating up a jump, some guy on a Honda decides to ride perpendicular to the track right in front of me. I crashed into his front wheel, get a little banged up, and end up getting a 15th out of 17 or 18 riders. Billy, who normally does very well as long as his quad stays in one piece, went out and got the hole shot pretty easily I might add. By the second lap he ended up getting passed and was holding on to second place with the third place rider right on his tail. He ended up holding him off and walked away with second in the qualifier.

Anyway, the race is a few hours off so I cooked a couple of hamburgers up as we waited. When my race finally gets going, I had a bad gate pick due to my 15th place finish in the qualifier. The track condition was really slippery because it was over watered during the intermission and that was of big concern going into the first turn with 17 other guys. Miraculously then the gate fell I got the holeshot! Three guys passed me by turn two but I was able to hold on for a FOURTH overall. This is my best finish to date. Billy’s race ended up getting rained out as we had a monsoon roll in. It was just too dangerous for anyone to be out there, so the promoter used the qualifier results, which gave Billy a SECOND for the day. We had a lot of fun and both got a trophies that ended up being as big as my son, he thought was really cool.

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