Speedometer / Odometer KDX Retrofit

Jim Crenca

Mar 18, 2001
My local dealer can order a universal replacement speedometer / odometer from his supplier (Tucker / Rocky I think). Is there a universal ratio (x amount of cable turns = y amount of distance) so that a replacement speedometer will yield correct speed / distance for a 1994 KDX? Thought this might make a good dual sport conversion as the phot of the part looked cool & the price was about $65.



Jan 17, 2001
If I were you, I'd get away from the cable deal altogether and just go electronic. Most of them can be programed precisely to your wheel diameter. You can also fine tune them on dual-sport rides to closely match the unit of the guy who mapped out the course. I usually tweak mine a bit if all of the turns start coming too soon or too late.


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