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Mar 8, 2000
Boy is this stuff getting on my nerves.

We are back in now, but alot of people are still very jittery.

Some one called & reported a bomb in a very specific area. Specific enough to warrant complete evacuation of the medical center. All but the ICU floors bugged out (the ICU's are in a slightly different division of the hospital for this very reason), including the entire Packard Childrens hospital. Lots of very unhappy babies in the arms of volunteers that have never handled infants before.

Hope they find the prankster (box was full of gabage) & deal with him/her/it appropriately.


It's amazing how good investigative techniques usually find out whoh is responsible for soulless pranks like this. It's always some unemployed, mullet-wearin', Camaro-primerin', meth-cookin', lowlife, redneck jackass with nothing better to do with his time. These people are usually so stupid as to not even know the severity of what they do. Just a damn shame, IMO.


Sep 13, 2000
Bomb threats really piss me off.:eek: If we passed a National law that all fake/false bomb threats carried a life sentence I'll bet this garbage would quickly stop. Now if you have a true suspicion or legit information, then no harm done but you had better supply some compelling reason why you forced an evacuation during these trying times.

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