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Great, many of you express interest in keeping informed, here is a list of VERY informative websites and organizations to support, who fight for OUR RIGHTS !! Blue Ribbon Coalition Blue Ribbon Coalition page about the Roadless Initiative California League of Off Road Voters California Off Road Vehicle Association San Diego Off Road Coalition Dual Dogs dual sport promotions and Land Issue info Religious site, which has some really good articles on Land Issues and Global Issues Off - informative site Interesting Research Analyst writes about many Land Issues Americans for Responsible Recreation Access American Land Rights Association Americans For Forest Access Dirt First very informative Off-Road Site site where you can vote on many current issues Environmental news network Very informative site Sierra Club United 4 wheel drive advocates Very informative site....includes Pismo Beach! very informative forums, this guy is really up to date on issues


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Now I need to find (make) the time to look at each site:)

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No, they need to be posted in the general forums so we can actually get people to GET INVOLVED in issues that can severly and negatively impact our sport! It still drives me nuts that this particular forum draws less people than the "VIntage" bike forum! As if you could not tell, I am fairly vocal about thse issues, and not just on the internet, but in my County Supervisors meetings and just about any other public forum that will allow me to speak before some tree-hugger recognizes me and attempts to have me "relocated"!


We can not get people to enjoy depressing topics such as land issues.

We have lost so much already, because everyone including myself would rather be out riding.

Years ago when I first heard of Blue Ribbon I wrote Clark Collins a letter saying how much I would be willing to help support the BRC --- but I could not associate myself with all the negative name calling and derogatory statements made about the opposition-- the we are so much better than they are stance I interpreted from the BRC newsletter.

Since then they toned down and I have been a member since.

Face adversity with Dignity--lest we become undignified

In other words we have to maintain a higher level above them, not play down to the dirty tactics they use.

The urls should be handy for-- if and when --someone wakes up to find that their riding area is being closed down. :( Then they will be interested when it becomes personal. :(

Kind of sounds like I have given up already, eh?

No way! Just backing up and re-grouping .

Looking for a different way that will encourage members into enjoying being an land use activist.

I applaud your enthusiasm :)



Here is one you forgot, This is the website for the American Sand Association. These people are trying a unique approach. They are actually putting their money where their mouths are by countersuing the BLM and other organizations that are paid to protect us and manage the land and instead, cave in to every enviro group that threatens to sue them.

If that link does not work, scroll down to ASA Weekly update , by ASA Rick on the land forum.

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We have been trying for a longtime now to get people interested in the land forum. Unfortunately, nobody gives a rat's patutty until their own riding area gets closed down. By then, it's too late. We still have the same four or five people on the land forum every day, but, no one else really cares.

We have thousands of members now, but, it seems like only a handful really give a crap.

Pretty sad isn't it?
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Yes, that's what amazed me...that the Pastrana article got hundreds of views and lots of replies, just because it is about a new, young MX star. If more of these people cared about what is REALLY going on, our work would be easier fighting the enviros, because we would have more support.

I WILL NOT give up, will do whatever I can, no matter how small it may be. EVERY LITTLE BIT OF HELP COUNTS, because if everyone helped out just a small amount, and sent in just $1.00 donation to BRC, CORVA, etc. we would have lots of CLOUT against the forces opposing us.


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Originally posted by KWJams
Kind of sounds like I have given up already, eh?
No way! Just backing up and re-grouping . . .

No it's not re-grouping, it's re-loading! :cool:


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I think the problem is evident right in the first post. Look at all of those links! We are too splintered to maintain the voice and impact that will move legislature. I think most people want to help, but they don't know where to start. We all want to put our money towards the group that is going to do the most good and have a chance at fighting the enviros at their own game. Faced with so many options, BRC, AMA, LandRights, plus the myriad local groups that exist in every state, people get overwhelmed and end up doing nothing. My suggestion? Pick one or two national groups, and a local group, and start with that.
Blue Ribbon Coalition (BRC) is great, they have a large membership base, but if we could get them exposed to more people east of the Mississippi, they'd be unstoppable. As it is, their membership now has a decided west-coast bent, and many people (non-members) are under the impression that they are almost virtually non-involved in the east coast.
AMA is another good choice, but their membership is motorcycle related only, and they have lots of issues to cover in that arena!

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a very vocal activist. My personality prevents me from going out and starting petitions and knocking on doors to get signatures. (I get the willies just thinking about it!) However, I make a decent wage, so I'm more than willing to pass some money on to the vocal types who will speak for me. I'll sign petitions and write letters, as well. Is it enough? Well, maybe not, but it's better than nothing. I would enjoin any other members to try to do the same, spend a few bucks to support these groups. Also, keep in mind that contributions to the BRC (above and beyond your membership fee) are tax deductible!
Take the first step. Sign up and write a check. The rest will follow.



Lori, you are right, there are so many groups. It is best to support at least one major and one more local group, or more if you can financially. As far as getting involved, BRC is an excellent national org. CORVA is an excellent California org. For example, BRC and CORVA and San Diego Off Road Coalition and the AMA are all working together on certain issues in California. This shows how many of these groups are working together. I chose to help out CORVA as a field rep, and I cannot devote all my time to activism, but whatever time I donate helps I said, if everyone did just a small amount, a lot more would get accomplished. You don't have to do a lot to help. It's best not to spread yourself to thin. I posted a good article a while back about how people can help out, I think it was titled....Want to Help But Don't Know How ?

Another thing is, these issues affect a lot more than just the off-road community. They REALLY are affecting every American's freedoms in the long run, it is much deeper than just losing our off-road riding opportunities. That's why it's good to read info on the sites which are dedicated to Land Rights also, not just off-road.

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I agree totally, KTM! This is not just an off-roading issue, but an issue of public access to public lands and ending the unending, overburdening and over-regulation that these Greenies continually inundate us with. I am not only a member of the BRC, but also the AMA (I wish they were a little more vocal in the land issues, though) California Farm Bureau and several others, including the Sierra Klub! I know that sounds crazy, but since my brother-in-law is a lifer there, I get a complimentary subscription every year. The purpose of that is so I stay informed on their issues from the inside. BTW, I repay him every Christmas with a renewal to the National Rilfe Association since I am a life member there! It makes for interesting discussions at family gatherings!
I am very vocal in land-owner and land-user rights simply because my family farms and because I enjoy the lands that myself, my family members and countless other millions of Americans fought for, defended and died for. It is much easier to give away and lose your freedom than it is to fight and protect the freedoms that our Forefathers gave us. Freedom is not free; It took the lives of millions to pay for it!
BTW, Lori, I would kindly accept donations to do your speaking for you!;)



We have thousands of members now, but, it seems like only a handful really give a crap.

I have to admit that I am a creature of habit and generally read the same old forums when I log on. However, what brought me here today is the reminder in the Women's Forum to check out the Land Forum to help preserve our riding areas. Every time there has been a post reminding us ladies to visit, I have done so. Maybe more interest can be generated by posting a reminder to members asking them to view this forum. I will also say that I will make an honest effort to view these posts more often and become involved when possible. Most of the time my eyes just glance right off the Forum list titles since I know right where the Ladies Room link is located!
Now I think I may have to go find this Vintage Forum room someone mentioned ... :D