Jan 26, 2001
What to do? Ive talked to fredette many times hes told me what to do but i guess i just like to ask questions which is best have jeff do it or race tech??


Jun 7, 1999
I had my suspension done (actually, I paid for the specs) from Fredette. In my case, the shock was a revalve of the stock piston, and the fork got the Race Tech treatment. In a nutshell, the stack from FRP was pretty much what RT advises with their handy-dandy chart.

Test time.... IMO, neither of the suspension revalves were up to my expectations, particulary the the Race Tech fork kit. Fork: While MUCH better than the prehistoric stock system, the RT fork kit will give a nasty spike under certain situations. Once I tossed the 11mm transition shim and installed a 13mm, life got MUCH better. Numerous riders reported similar reactions with the RT specs. Shock: The FRP shock revalve was still too stiff on those sharp edged obstacles, but after a re-valve or two, life was better.... Until, I started breaking spokes. :think


die you sycophant !
May 22, 2000
Both FRP and RT are respected names in the field. I found the best results from a local tuner who had experience with the local conditions and the KDX forks.

He recommended a stiffer spring and less pre-load than the FRP or RT both front and rear re- valved to match with a lower oil level in the fork and the results were great. With a clik or two in either direction I can ride evrywhere I want to. Tuning is not a one size fits all deal so beware of guys who have the pat answer and not a lot of tuning experience. If the tuner doesnt get the shim stack correct what might be great in sand whoops or g-outs will beat you to death in the rock gardens or root canals. Reputable guys give a warranty and some will make stack adjustments during the warranty period so be sure to ask!

Once you get the suspension set up you will wonder how you puit up with the stock settings. If you want the number of the tuner who did mine drop me a line and I'll send you a phione #


Jun 18, 2001
anyone know of someone in the Portland Oregon area that knows suspension? The people at the dealer where I bought the bike are so dumb. They told me they didn't stock a brake lever for an 00 220 yet. They only had them for 99 and older. Everyone I talk to seems to be about this clueless when it comes to the kdx.
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