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Dec 28, 1999
I thought it would be a good time to tell the AMA thanks for supporting the womens team at the ISDE. Let's show the AMA how proud we are of our team. :)

e-mail Hugh Fleming at

Watch out world....ISDE 2002 will be even better!

I remembered it from an earlier post but thought I would post a reminder.
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Jan 19, 2000
Hey there! Excellent suggestion.

I've been in "hibernation" again. Between hectic work schedules and tying up loose ends from the Breezy Hill enduro, it's been rough. It's finally settling down some.

Will you be at the Miss Hi-Point/GC Sandblasters on Sept 30th? We'll be getting there late, as we have a wedding to attend Sat. afternoon.

We took a day trip to Breezy yesterday to get some practice in. Gene's on call for the next 2 weekends, so this weekend was the only chance we had to ride. I'd been mostly on the ktm this summer, and needed to get some time on the kx again. Got some good experience with wet slippery roots! It rained lightly for awhile, but nothing too bad. The creeks were still crossable, even after all that rain.

I'm seriously thinking of selling the ktm and getting a new kx. The ktm just beats me up and wears me out too bad in the tight stuff, and at this point in the game, I want to keep the fun factor in there.

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