Sep 22, 2000
Folks -- if they can't lock us up from our rights to access Public Land, it looks like they now intend to allow access only with 600 lbs of emission control equipment adding an extra $5,000.00 to the retail price of a Dirt Bike!

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November 22, 2000
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EPA To Set New Emissions Standards For Bikes and ATVS

PICKERINGTON, Ohio -- The federal Environmental Protection Agency is taking

steps to clamp down on emissions from off-highway motorcycles and all-terrain

vehicles (ATVs), and may set new, stricter standards for streetbikes, the

American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) reports.

On November 17, EPA Administrator Carol Browner signed an official document

declaring that off-road motorcycles, ATVs, and snowmobiles cause air pollution.

That declaration is the first step in a process that will lead to proposed

emission standards for those vehicles. Currently those classes of vehicles don't

need to meet any federal emissions standards.

Besides setting out to propose rules governing emissions from new

off-highway vehicles, the EPA said it will seek comment "on possible emission

reductions from highway motorcycles as part of this rulemaking." The EPA

indicated it will take a close look at California's strict emissions standards

for streetbikes as a possible model for national standards.

The EPA is seeking comment in a variety of areas including:

*Technologies that may be available to reduce emissions, and the cost of

those technologies;

*The timing and level of new emission standards;

*Test procedures for measuring emissions from vehicles and engines; and

*Compliance programs, including production-line and in-use testing by


The EPA directs those interested in commenting to check the Federal

Register notice, which is available from the EPA Air and Radiation Docket by

calling (202) 260-7548 (refer to Docket A-2000-01). Comments also may be made by

e-mail to:

Also, you can see the Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking and related

documents on the EPA Office of Transportation and Air Quality web site at

The EPA said there will be further opportunities to comment later when it

publishes a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking in the Federal Register.

More information may be obtained by contacting Margaret Borushko at: U.S.

Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Transportation and Air Quality, 2000

Traverwood Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48105; or by e-mailing Telephone: (734) 214-4334.


The American Motorcyclist Association is a 270,000-member nonprofit

organization. Established in 1924, the Association's purpose is to pursue,

protect and promote the interests of motorcyclists, while serving the needs of

its members. For more information, visit the AMA website at


Ken & Diane James
AMA Field Reps #869
If you don't--Who will?

AJ Waggoner

Crash Test Dummy
Nov 5, 1999
Funny how they never look at the
"big picture"

Exactly how many pounds of pollution do OHRV 's contribute a year?
compared to semi trucks...
commericial aircraft...
military aircraft( you dont want to know- trust me)
or freight trains.
It's kind of like the stupid policy of a diesel car or light truck requiring a catalatic converter..BUT any truck above the size of say a Ford F450 does not need one at all.
I guess a huge engine in a large truck pulling a lot of load just doesnt pollute like a passenger car eh?



Sponsoring Member<BR>Club Moderator
Damn Yankees
Oct 13, 1999
AJ - The EPA has set regulations for both locomotive and marine propulsion diesel engines. The EPA requirements were grandfathered to include engines that were manufactured 25 years ago.
Dec 23, 1999
There's 10 to 12 states that are testing big trucks for emissons. All the motor manfg.are under heavy pressure from the EPA to cut back on pollution.The east coast is getting bad on giving tickets for excessive idling.

Dennis                                            Col Oh
99husqvarna wr250


Nov 18, 2000
The truck emission issue has always bothered me. If our power plant ever belched black smoke like tractor trailer trucks occasionally do we'd be shut down.
only with 600 lbs of emission control equipment adding an extra $5,000.00 to the retail price
Hmmm, exaggerate much?;)


Sep 22, 2000

California Highway Patrolmen have these disks they carry that look like film negatives. they are opacity meters.
When a big truck or bus goes by belching smoke they hold them up and compare the color of the disk with the smoke.
If it is to dark, they can issue a pollution ticket.
Sad thing is when they passed that law the costs were passed on to the consumers for new high tech diesel motors etc...
But,,,,it doesn't matter because folks don't care. :)


Jan 4, 2001
You know it's funny how they think just because it's just our "recreation" we won't fight for it. You know the reason they go after us is because they think we are an easy target. With us, there is no pressure of "big business" where with trucking companies, there is a lot more power and politics involved. :(

AJ Waggoner

Crash Test Dummy
Nov 5, 1999
I realize there are "some" emission standards for large trucks /trains/tug boats/etc. - being put in place
but are they as stringent? and EVEN if they are ...

I'd like a real number comparison of "pounds of pollution " by lets say..
Commerial transport..per year / verses OHRV vehicles per year.

I still think overall they miss the BIG picture.
Making the public not use 2 stroke weedeaters is simply a political "act" to show that they are doing "something "
and it TOTALLY avoids the real issue of pollution.
a band aid pentance - to help them get re-elected.

I'm fairly certain just the refineries and steel industry in Chicagoland alone..all the while meeting thier emission standards---
still pollute the earth more per season than all the OHRVs in the country.


Jan 5, 2001
Yeah f-15's burn $15,000 worth of fuel an hour! Its true look at that comparitive cost thing in Dirt Rider a month or two ago. How much pollution do the space shuttles create, i bet a single space shuttle launch makes as much pollution as all off road/highway vehicles in a month.

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