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May 25, 2002
For the past two months, I have been trying to find a new, bigger bike for me to ride. I have had the luck to try the following bikes: KX100, KX125, RM125, CR125, CRF150 and a KX250 (My husbands). For each bike, my husband has found at least one thing he thinks is either wrong with the bike or with the way I do,  (or how he thinks I would), ride it. It's been everything from "It's too small, too big, not powerful enough, too powerful."..etc.

We've looked at a WR250F which he thinks might be a good bike but I'm not happy with the weight of the bike or the height of the seat. We talked about a CRF250R but he doesn't think I would have the strength to start it.

Last night I was surfing ebay and saw a BBR220 for sale. Right height, faster than my TTR and the right weight. Sounds like a great deal, right? WRONG!

My husband said if I was going to spend money on a new bike he thinks the CRF250X, (Woods version), is what I should get. That way HE can ride it also...

So now the truth really comes out. He doesn't like 2 stroke 125's which is why he vetoed all the 125's and he is too big for the CRF150 and the BBR220.

Unfortunately the CRF250X's are tentatively scheduled to arrive in December. I was hoping to have my bike to finish out this season here and be comfortable for the beginning of the Oklahoma State series in January. So now I have to wait and see. The Honda dealer told he he is getting 6 of the CRF250R's but he never mentioned any of the X models. I have to go get some parts tomorrow and will see what he thinks. So I'll still be chugging along on my TTR until Christmas... :( '


Dec 16, 2000
Srellis, what's your height, weight, experience and riding style?

no, wait, scratch that.

Speaking as a supportive, dirt-biking husband.... go thump that yutz in the head!! :scream: This bike is for YOU... not for HIM.

There. I said it.

While a "multi-purpose" bike is a great addition to the family fleet it might not be the best solution for YOU. And this will affect not only your fun... but also your success and safety.

Susans' been riding her BBR-230 for a while now and will absolutely *NOT* give up the following: great brakes, great suspension, great motor, great handling, toughness, low weight, the *right* size, and ..... now, new on her list: electic starting.

She say's the first four are important because they not only keep it fun but they keep her butt out of the Emergency Ward. Especially since she stop on big downhills, pogo susupsension doesn't throw her on her head, and the killer motor just won't quit on her in the wrong spot.

Low weight is important because she doesnt' get tired out wrestling too big of a bike. And she can pick it up easier. All keeps her from getting exhausted. And when you get exhausted you make mistakes and crash.

Ditto for the *right* size. She can get into rough territory and be able to "woman-handle" it on her terms. She's not trying to dab the ground when it's 2' below the bottom of her boot.

And the BBR is legendary for it's toughness. Which is good. 'cause "The Ant" takes soil samples on a regular basis. Yes, yes, they are getting fewer and farther apart... but they still happen, er, relatively often. :confused:
And it just doesn't faze the BBR.

And now electric start. Yes, it's easy. Yes, it's faster to start after a crash or in a race. But her big reason? It has taken the doubt/fear out of the "...will I be able to get this puppy started????" Sometimes when she was just exhausted or her bike had been upside-down/backwards and was major flooded, it was a real concern for her. Hey, 13 tries at kick-starting will wear you out just as bad as anything elses.

But, with all that just said. We are also looking at the new crop of 250 thumpers. Tantalized by the new e-start Honda XRF250R. But the e-start will add some significant weight (related to Susan's stature). Also looking at the Kawasaki 250 because of it's extreme light weight.

But here's two important items.
Regardless of the model, we will definately:
- have a professional shop lower the suspension 3-4-6" with the right springs for *her* weight
- maybe chop the subframe a bit
- shave the seat, etc..
All to make sure it fits HER>

And we will almost assuredly keep the BBR-230 because we don't think there is a better woods/trail beastie. The new bike bike could be *just* for easier/more open riding/racing areas. But the BBR will stay until they pry it from Susan's cold, cramped fingers.

The point to all this is quite simple. The bike is for YOU. It needs to be chosen =and= set up for YOU with that thought in mind.

Hey, let your hubby read this. I'd be more than happy to respond with all our of our travails, trials, etc., that we've learned in the 6 years.

BTW: Susan's BBR has a kick-stand and electric start. She is *quite* excited about the Le Mans-style start at the Furnace Creek Hare Scramble on 9/21. :yeehaw:

Oh. One last thing. If you have to/need to wait until winter to get your new bike.... no bigge. Just remember that you will be a better rider by then and will have more options/capability to try/ride more bikes.

Ride on, girlie!! Sincerely, Mr. B. :thumb:


May 25, 2002
We ride almost MX almost exclusively. I got on an XR80 in January of 2002, my first time on a bike. I bought the TTR in June of that year because we were having trouble with the XR. By the end of the year, I had voiced my concerns about the height of the bike. When I stand up the foot pegs are so high I feel like I am going to fall forward over the handlebars. But at that time my skill level was still so low that most of the kids in the PW 50 class could still beat me.

The deal was I had to ride my TTR into the ground before I could get a new bike. So in January I bought some Gary Semics tapes and watched them over and over. Something clicked after that and now I can pretty well hold my own with the 60 JR class. I am starting to do several jumps but I still don't trust the bike. It just wasn't built to ride that fast on that type of terrain. I can go 5th gear down the straights, but it stills scares me that I will hit something wrong and with the lousy suspension be bucked off. We have put in heavier springs, but the combo of bad suspension to begin with and my height and weight makes for some interesting rides... We travel quite a bit to go to races and in the races in Kansas the Women that beat me are the ones on 125's. I am anxious to get back to OK. I feel I have really improved since that last time I was there and want to see if I will be able to keep within a half lap of MX547's daughter Kendall....

I did like the feel of the CRF150. It was heavy enough I felt pretty stable and the suspension was better than mine, but I don't want to outgrow another bike in 6 months. If I'm going to get another bike I want it to be worthwhile. I'm sure whatever I get we would have to make some adjustments to it to make it fit. We were actually quite surprised at how much the suspension can be lowered just by putting in softer springs. My husband orginally thought that there would be no way I could fit on a 125 until I tried a 125 bike set up for a 110 lb rider. I'm 5'3 so seat height is an issue. I also want something I can still roll up into the trailer by myself. I have to take the kids to the track often on my own and I HATE having to ask for help.

My husband was looking at this next purchase as something he could take our boys up to the mountains in Co and do some riding. We still have the XR, we wouldn't sell my TTr and he could ride the 250F(whichever flavor).

My husband has actually been pretty good about this whole thing. I sometimes think he is worried I'll get hurt. I'm just getting to the point to where I think I could actually clear most of the smaller doubles on the track if I had something with a little more oomph. I go fairly fast throughout the track but it kills me to have to slow down to roll the jumps.

Thanks for your input and I'm glad The Ant is having a great time!


Dec 16, 2000
You're *exactly* in the same spot as Susan. She's 5'2" (oh... and a 1/4... I get yelled at when I don't remember that.....<grin>) and ~ 115 lbs. She's getting pretty good, wants bigger wheels (for ruts, bumps, rocks), but doesn't want to get overwhelmed by high seat height, starting, etc.

I completely agree with you -- as you get a lot better -- a starter bike can toss you on your head when it can't keep up! <grin>

You doing "mostly" MX actually simplifies your situation a lot. Trying to make one bike do all can pretty be tough. And I agree that you don't want to out-grow another bike. Sounds like your ready to go the right step.

hmmmm.... I think the new 250 fours or a 125 are your best bet. I think the 250Fs might be easier to ride due to their powerband... but the 125 will be/feel a lot lighter. Either way, I would get the suspension altered (properly "chopped" not just softer springs) for your height and needs. You might need to add a flywheel as well (to either type) to mellow out the powerband until you get used to it.

If your husband is hoping to use it as a "trail bike" just to ride with the kids - he can probably survive okay if he *just* rides it. But remember, if it's *properly* set for you - it won't be right for him.

Sorry about the husband-bashing.... he sounds a lot like me... just as concerned with the safety as your fun. It's almost a knee-jerk reflex because there are so many boyfriends/hubbys that *don't* get it. <grin>

Do keep us updated on what you guys do.... it will be fun to follow!

Cheers! - rb


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Oct 23, 2000
If you're keeping the XR and the TTR, there is no reason for you NOT to get the bike you want. If you can afford the BBR, perfect! Go for it! If you were doing mostly or half and half trails, then you could stretch the TTR out a bit. But NOT for MX. You need something better, and I would rule out the CRF 150 and 230, since they are not that much of an improvement over the TTR. There is nothing wrong with the KX100, I have several friends who are happy with them. Have a talk with him--it's YOUR bike not his.

I can tell you for sure that guys do not accurately judge our riding style or capability (no offense, Randy) because we think and feel and learn sooooo much differently than they do.


May 10, 2003
Yep I agree and if its a new bike, mostly for you then get it to suit you and if your husband wants to share it then he can compromise!

Ive got a RM-Z on order and I can let you know how that goes, especially in terms of height and stuff. I was assured by the shop it was much smaller and lighter than a YZ so it should be good.


Too much of a good thing.
Nov 22, 2000
srellis, I'll have my '03 WR250F at Dirtweek, and you're more than welcome to try it out on the track. I race motocross on it occasionally, and it works pretty well.


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Aug 28, 2003
It sounds like your husband may have lost sight of the MAIN reason that you are seeking a new bike--you NEED (as opposed to merely "want") a new and different bike. Since the bike will be YOUR "primary" bike, and just an intended "play" bike for your husband, I think that it is really important to get one that fits your size and riding needs. If the new bike is such that your husband can have fun on it too, great. If the CRF250X sounds appealing to you--i.e., it's running a close second in choice behind the BBR--then the compromise on your part isn't too steep in getting the CRF (although you have to wait until December); but from your original message, it sounds like you REALLY want the BBR. Have you looked into the stats on the CRF250X (the seat height is over 37 inches--not impossible to ride, of course, and it can be lowered to a certain extent--and do you know whether the engine has the type of powerband and responsiveness that you want in your style of riding)? It's too bad that you can't ride one now (or even sit on one) to test out whether it's going to work for you.

My first bike was a TTR125L, and I was looking around this summer to decide what my next bike should be. My well-intentioned (and wonderful) husband wanted to buy a second bike for himself and wanted to justify the cost by stating that the new bike would become MY bike once I outgrew the TTR; he selected the WR426 (ha!)--he did his best to convince me that this was a great bike, I would grow into it, the weight was light, I would get the hang of kick-starting it, etc., etc. However, I knew right away after sitting on the WR426 (my toes barely touched the ground) that this was NOT going to be "my" bike any time soon--it just didn't feel comfortable; and after I witnessed the (to me) complicated hand and foot kick-starting procedure, I was further convinced that this was not the right bike for me (I didn't want to be out riding by myself in the hills and stuck somewhere for hours because I couldn't get the bike restarted). I told him (kindly) that if HE wanted the bike for HIMself to go ahead and buy it, but that I realistically didn't think I would be riding it any time soon. Well, he bought the bike and, ironically, he decided that the WR426 was too twitchy (i.e., it was great if you're going all-out all the time, but not too good on finessing low-speed manuevers, which he enjoys doing), and he sold it after less than a month; he really prefers the smooth, consistent power of his XR650R. He also realized after he bought the bike that it really was NOT the ultimate choice for ME to ride after outgrowing the TTR, and he was really supportive in helping me research various options and in ultimately buying my new bike (I just got a CRF230F--LOVE it!).

In any event, good luck to you! And please let us all know what bike you end up getting!


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Oct 23, 2000
If you're going to lower the bike, why not a KTM250 RFS? The motor is very mellow, the seat height is 1/2" shorter than the CRF, and they have electric start and all the same off-road goodies of the other KTM EXC line.

CR Swade

Jan 18, 2001
To quote Fonzie, "Exacamundo!". FC, that is the exact bike I was going to recommend for all of those reasons, not to mention nimble handling and they are selling pretty darn cheap (comparatively speaking).


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Oct 4, 1999
New Mexico
srellis, there's always time later for a "compromise" bike that both of you can ride.&nbsp; For now, you're still in a growth spurt, so to speak, and really should have a bike more suited for YOU!&nbsp; :)

How did you like the KX100?&nbsp; That sounds like a great option-- great for MX, but not too tall or heavy as one of the full size 4-strokes.&nbsp;&nbsp; The KTM250RFS is probably a very good bike, but it is fairly heavy for its size, and probably not as practical in a MX setting.&nbsp; But then again, I haven't ridden one either, so I could be all wet.

The BBR220 sounds like it would be a great bike as well--&nbsp;in addition to&nbsp; the "cool" factor of having a hand-built bike. :cool:

Talk to your hubby, and see if you can work out a compromise-- get a middleweight bike (like the KX100 or BBR) and ride it for another year or so before you decide to get a full-size 250 four stroke.&nbsp;&nbsp; It sounds like you've outgrown the little TTR, but aren't quite ready (or willing) to take on the power and weight of a full 250.&nbsp;&nbsp;After that, Honda will have worked out the first-year bugs in the CRF250 series, anyway. &nbsp; :thumb:

Good luck-- let us know how it works out!

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