Mar 22, 2007
I have a '97 YZ250

I'm having a problem with my throttle response. The best way do describe my probelm is like when you're in a higher gear than first (2nd, 3rd, etc.) and you're going slow enough that you can almost downshift to be in a better lower gear. The bike doesn't really bog but it takes a while to clime up in RPM's. If you you were to downshift then you'd have enough RPM's and the bike would go fine. Now, the problem is that it's like this in 1st gear (and the other gears too). My buddy has a '97 CR250 and his throttle is very responsive. I can be going slow in 2nd on his bike, hit the gas, and the bike takes off. My bike has to clime in RPM's before the bike goes. My top end is great and powerful but the bottom end takes forever to get going. I have replaced the throttle cable and it's not any different.


Aug 21, 2006
to me that sound like you have the jetting all wrong . try comming down one size on the main and the pilot but before that take ya carb off and check float height. make sure it right .


Oct 19, 2006
Some bikes are built for top end power, some for bottom end. That YZ is a top end motor. I don't know about that year of Honda, but I have ridden a 98 and that one had a very strong bottom/midrange. It complicates things when you compare 2 different motors.

If it's really weak off the bottom, make sure your powervalve is operating properly. It could be stuck open.

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