Feb 1, 2001
Just a random thought... Is it possible to race a totally custom bike? For example, say I liked the CR frame, but the YZ engine, the RM brakes, and so forth. Then I took it all and made all work together to create my dream bike. Could you race this in a tournament sponsored by the AMA, or is there some rule regulating how far you can go with your modifications? Since it isn't a modification on a particular bike I don't see how the rules would apply... I haven't seen anything on the AMA site about this, but then again I don't see any custom bikes at the races.


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Nov 12, 1999
you can do quite a bit of modifications. as long as it meets the engine size it would be ok.
this isn;t always the case in the mini classes which has more restrictions . the rule book can be DL from that ama site.


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AJ Waggoner

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Nov 5, 1999
In AMA Amateur racing it wouyld be fine?

A local guy has a CR250 engine in his RM250 chassis.
Wardy and myself run CR500 engines in CR250 chassis.

At the PRO AMA level the rules are totally different and this would not be allowed
without prior permission from AMA pro staff..

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