Jan 1, 2001
Well I had my first taste of an enduro yesterday. I didn’t know what an enduro tasted like, now I know, SAND. I rode round 3 of the TRH family enduro held in Sam Houston national forest. I had never ridden there before today. I really didn’t know what to expect.

My dad and I got up early and loaded the bike; it took about an hour to get to the trailhead. We unloaded my bike and talked to a few people. Everyone was nice and very helpful. I had NO idea what to do but all I had to do was ask. I headed over to sound check and passed at 93db. I started on minute 7. The first loop was great fun, tons and tons of sand. I let almost everyone go by me; I really didn’t want to hold anyone up. The trails were very dusty and I was glad that I ordered amber lenses for my goggles. By the end of the first loop I had drank about half of my 100oz camelbak. I must have been thirsty!

We ate a great lunch and I hung around the truck with my dad talking about the ride. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to ride the 2nd loop or not. Key time was coming up and I made my decision, I would ride the 2nd loop! I got my gear on and headed to the start. I started a little late but made up a little time on the solid ground. I rode along for a ways seeing no one behind me. When someone finally did come up behind me I promptly moved over. No sooner did I move over then the rider ran into a tree. I helped him get his bike up and by that time about 6 other riders had passed us.

Jumping forward to mile 10.
I was just staring to feel the oncoming tingles of arm pump when I decided to pull over and take a break. By this time I had let a great many people by and I didn’t see anyone until mile 16. I rode through the sandy whoops and turns. My XR250R did well I think. I almost have it enduro ready. It has a Cobra exhaust; Answer bark busters, Renthal bars, UNI air filter and WB brake snakes. I now realize that I need a SRC fork brace a lot! I think I had my shock set too stiff also, having never ridden in such deep sand I didn’t know what worked best.

Jumping forward to mile 16.
Wow! The arm pump was getting bad. I didn’t want to slow down though. So I kept pushing it through the woods. I want to know how these other riders go into and come out of the turns SOO fast! I tried a turn like that and nearly ran off the trail. I had a hard time keeping the front end tracking straight. Through roots, whoops and sand I went.

The Finish.
At about mile 18 the sweep rider caught up with me. He was very nice and told me some good ways to get through the sand. I thought I was very late, after all SWEEP rider had caught me! I pressed on until the finish, I was the LAST rider to come in. I turned in my scorecard and went back to the truck. I was only 46 minutes late! I am very happy I didn’t hour out. I think I ok for my first enduro.

So was anyone from DRN there?
The range of bikes there was amazing! I saw everything, but the KTM’s were the most popular. I would love to have a KTM. My dad, who rides an XR400R is interested in a 520E/XC now. I would like a 300E/XC or 300M/XC. By far the coolest bike I saw was the Gas Gas. I don’t know who the rider was but he was good.

I learned a lot at the enduro. You always let the faster rider by. Sand is EVIL, pure EVIL. Arm pump is also EVIL! Well maybe not evil, but it’s still bad. I also learned that I need to build up my endurance before Caney Creek rolls around. Investing in a roll chart would be a good idea. When riding in dust slow down.

I am looking forward to round 4 of the TRH family enduro series. My dad is going to get some MX gear and ride it with me. I think it’s being held at Skull Creek. If anyone wants to meet up there feel free to email me.

Well this is the end. I have nothing more to say.

Lee Wilson


Nov 18, 1999
Congratulations on your first race. Sounds like you went into it with the right mindset. Don't worry about trophys, just go out and have fun and it's guaranteed to leave you wanting more.
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