Tucson/Pheonix/ Sierra vista riders - new track.


Nov 4, 2000
Well, I went to PMP ( Pima Motorsports Park) today. It was the first day it was open. It is located on the west side of the fairgrounds off Brekke road.

First impressions are that the track is safe ( no true doubles, just tabletops, off cambers), and needs some packing down. They got all the dirt from a nearby pit since the top layer of existing dirt has too much silt and clay content. It kind of looks like a SX track in a stadium in that respect. Good for drainage. There is a 2 tabletops very close together, which forms a "gravity cavity" g-out in between. The hardest jump on the track and if you hit it real hard ( I did not - just meduim) it will put you up 15 feet, and 70 feet forward. The main table by the tower is a 4th gear, shallow 65 footer. Very loose and sandy - but in about 1-3 months it should be alot better, and might be worth making the trip from Phx. Right now it needs a little finessing. Half the track is tigher, the other half is high speed.

Well, That is the ride report. We are going back out friday, so if anyone needs any info. on it, just email me. The fun factor is 6. But should be a 9.5 once this soil settles.
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