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Oct 18, 2000
I noticed whilst looking through the photo gallery of the Unadilla MX that most riders were sporting handgaurds. Even RC!! I personally think they're a great idea, but have never seemed to be popular in MX except for Pastrana.
Was Unadilla a particularly nasty course for rocks or mud, or are the benefits of handuards just 'catching on'?


Jan 7, 2001
If you recall, a broken finger at Unadilla cost Kiedrowski the championship.
I personally like them (from the time I started riding the Open Class). Some people think they block air flow and so most of the pro's have theirs drilled full of holes.


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Dec 26, 1999
Unadilla is full of rocks and most guys put them on just for that race.

We noticed the same thing last year and when we were at troy the next weekend we asked Pastranas mechanic about it. He is the one that told us about the rocks. Bonus to it was thekid scrounged the thrown away handguards from 5 or 6 riders mechanics the day before the race.


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Apr 21, 2000
Yup - rocky track!! I have seen a bunch of pictures from last weekend - and haven't seen a single guy without hanguards yet!

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Apr 21, 2000
Unadilla is Wicked Rocky!

Fist sized rocks all over the place! Everybody was replacing pipes after parctice and in between motos because of rock induced dents! This was my first ever trip to 'Dilla and it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!;) Ward Robinson added a huuuuuge uphill, 180° sweeper, drop off downhill section that saw the racers droppping 80 feet! What a rush! They also cut the top off of one of the uphills in the back section to create a 120 foot table top! Pictures and videos just do not do the track justice. All of the hills are so steep that you don't walk down them, its more of a controlled stumble if your lucky. I couldn't imagine trying to walk around if it rained. :eek: You would need ropes and climbing gear.

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