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Nov 27, 2006
i have heard this many times. people are saying that the ama should do something or make their own class. im confused on all of this. can someone please bring me up to speed on this because i just bought a 125 that i will be racing this summer


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Aug 2, 2000
two stroke luddites will tell you that the four strokes have an unfair advantage and that you are something of a superior type of fellow because you run an oil-burner that allegedly does not require as much maintenance.

I say that you should have fun racing this summer because the bike is only as fast as its rider. When you surpass the abilities of your machine then you can complain about how it is holding you back.


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Nov 12, 1999
Actually there is a meeting of the executive congress board, some staff, and others to fix the problem with AMA class structures. Will it be easy no, but they finally realize that there is a need to add or restructure the classes so all riders have an equal and level playing field. Like pred stated it's about the rider, and the riders who own 2 strokes should be able to come into an ama event and be included and allowed to have a place to race. AMA wants more members, making classes and races more inclusive is the way to do that, not by trying to manipulate sales by class structures.

lets see what happens. maybe better late then never can work?
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